DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 75, Is This Thing On?

Welcome to the 75th episode of the DDO Cocktail Hour where we discuss the social aspects of Dungeons and Dragons Online!  We have a lot to talk about!  Gen con is coming up but…pirates are all around us, and Samius Gurobo is now in charge of making our website pretty!  We also go over emails and some other stuff too! Listen to find out which DDO Monster Samius Gurobo wants as a roommate!  Thanks so much for listening!


Here is the link for the episode!   (Warning: Show not totally bleeped!)

Jaggie made Lessah and Samius Plushies for Gen Con!

Jaggie made Lessah and Samius Plushies for Gen Con!

Intro:  Heal all of me!  By Rent2Pwn

 What would I do without your sweet heals

Keepin’ me alive while ignoring their feels

–  Got My hit points (brimming)- no kidding, I can’t stop you now

– What’s going on with the rest of the guys

– They’re on a downward hitpoint slide

– And they’re all dyin’, don’t know what hit em’ but I’ll be alright


The fighter is bleeding

– but i’m doing fine

– The caster is half out of her mind.


– ’cause all of you

– heals all of me

– Love the buffs and all the pee pools

– screw the rest of all the people

Give your heals to me

I’ll stay alive for you

At the end of all the fighting

They’re part dead and I’m still livin’

‘Cause you throw your heals at me

and you give them none of you, ohoh


Summer Fling 
 Twitter tag:  #ddogencon   #gecon2014

26:00 Group Discussion  

  • Gen Con
  • Gen Con party:  Friday Night, Severin, SWAG!



1) IF you had to have a DDO/D&D Monster as a roommate, which would you choose to live with?

1a) Which DDO NPC would be your first pick for a roommate and why? (And no Samius, you can’t bang them…. EVER, not even with Tobril.)

2) Which Monster would you not want to live with?  Troglodytes excluded.

2a) Which DDO NPC would you not want to live with and why? (And yes Samius, it can be because I told you you can’t ever bang them).

Dictynna of Sarlona – Airships as real estate?

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