DDO Coctail Hour Episode 62

CTH, Episode 62 Naked Bard Party

Welcome back from the long hiatus of the DDO Cocktail
Hour where we discuss the social aspects of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  This time around we are talking about how
much the game has changed since Lessah stopped playing and what a freaking noob
she is!  Also Samius says some stuff that
hard core gamers might care about and Lessah falls asleep!  Jerry Snook stops by as does a Representative
from the Coin Lords.  Listen to find out
why the Harbor Smells the way it does!  Thanks
so much for listening! 


is the link for the episode!  Just left
click and play or right click and “save as” to download!

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This show is not bleeped!  Idgaf!  Haters gonna hate! 

Intro:   Hot mess, Cobra Starship

What are you
drinking?  (Why are you still drinking!?)

Samius makes
out with Jerry Snook for a little while. 

Gonna Tweet!  Welcome back tweets! 


My companion
is Cuter than your companion!  Now with a
top hat!  (Where Lessah spends 2000 ddo
points on crap!) 

Lessah is a
noob!  LOLZ

Cerulean Hills, the new Korthos,  Where is the marketplace again? If
loving my naked Halfling bard is wrong, I don’t want to be right! 

Samius talks
about stuff.  Trololo!!!

Did you get
your birthday box?  I know I opened my
box… it was irresistible. 

Exclusive!  Suck it DDO CAST! (Kidding!  We love you guise!) 

Handy pays
off (DDO item news)

Forums, the
new douche-baggery is TP price gouging. 

Pax East DDO
Party!  RSVP! 

Samius learns
to do household maintenance
from girls in bikini’s
.  Eye Handy.

Jerry Does Wall Paper and you can

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  1. Kalari says:

    Yes you guys were awesome I laughed so hard and Samius is right next time all shall drink so sayeth the drunken gaming diva. Glad to see you guys doing a new show I don’t care if its once a year I am going to tune in and Welcome back to the game Lessah 🙂 Man I am still laughing at that Trog flavored water lol

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