Is this thing on???

While my better half assures me that I did nothing wrong and it was just poor timing on my part, updating my site while some sort of maintenance was going on… I still continue to think that it was in fact my fault for breaking the Cocktail Hour so effectively.
But hey! If you are going to screw something up, really put your back into it right?

So what happens now?  What about all the cool stuff that used to be here?  Well.  I hope to bring some of it back and maybe get some new stuff too!  Only I know nothing about Word Press and am still learning.  I was really used to Quick Blog so I didn’t change it.   Getting the shows back on the site will be more challenging.  Samius has a pretty good idea for that too though and since he is better at Word Press than I am, I hope he rolls up his sleeves and digs in or at least helps me learn!  Either way, I’m just happy to have my website back!

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages of support!  We have a show planned for this week!  (Right Samius?)




  1. samius says:

    1, Good to know i am the better half. But I am sure that Clanky is a close 1/3? Think that makes you like 2/5s of a person Lessah…

    2, Knew you could get it fixed.

    3, We will make something happen soon.

    4, Now that we are off something super old i might be more able to help with the site. Maybe.

    5, <3s

  2. grimorde says:

    I’m also happy to help with the site, if it’s of any use to you 🙂

    Glad you’re back!

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