That’s One Small Step for the Cocktail Hour…

One Giant Leap in the right direction!

Guess who has a brand new iTunes Feed (pending approval from iTunes) and a new RSS Feed for shows?  This Girl!  Stay tuned for the iTunes Feed coming next week and should you want to read a too-long and boring story from me about “The Road So Far”, read more!

iTunes!?  That’s great!  But Lessah, what are the drawbacks? 

“Well… you can only download starting with Episode 76 on iTunes.  I could upload the last five shows or so but it will screw up the order.  I have no issues with that, but is it really worth it?  That’s a great question for any iTunes listeners that want to give me feedback on that!  The order would go backwards..then just sounds confusing doesn’t it?  And let’s be real here, I had so much trouble working out the iTunes thing and got burned (twice) in the past that I was ready to say ‘Heck with it‘ and not mess with iTunes at all.  Lo and behold, I have bowed to the masses (and by masses, I mean half a dozen people who complained over and over that I needed to fix it!).  I really tried and got so frustrated after the Quick Blog set back that I considered not doing the show ever again.  I mean seriously, this is an old game.  How much more can we really say…as it turns out, we can say a lot!  I am using another third party host that is very economical and that I like loads better than the last third party host I used who shall go unnamed. So after many months, much headache and heartache, I think things are finally getting back to where they were pre-crash!”


What about the iTunes Feed for The Damsels of DDO Podcast? 

“Great question!  That will be on a separate feed probably hosted by the same third party host.  I talked it over with my site advisory Mythery, and she feels like mixing the Cocktail Hour feed with the Damsels feed might confuse things as they are two very different shows with different hosts.  We have a plan for that, but not until after I talk to the podcast hosting site I decided to commit to and see if I can run two casts on my account from the same site.  I remain hopeful that I can!”


Special thanks to Mythery for helping me work a lot of this stuff out and knuckle down and do it!  We did it..sort of..almost.  It sucked, but we did it! 



  1. dravenlocke says:

    hey great site love what you doing with the ddo damsels don’t get discouraged and remember even crap can be entertaining especially if the damn servers are down lmao love you all keep it up

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