Damsels of DDO Episode 2, Epic Three Barrel Cove

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  This time around we went on a jaunt through Epic Three Barrel Cove and mayham was had by all!  Listen as we talk about why Sahba Jade is allergic to fun!  Thanks so much for listening!

Here is the podcast!  Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Here is the Twitch Highlight of the Successful navigation of the spike trap in Prove Your Worth:  

Here are the Damsels in Precious Cargo! 

Time Stamps of Note:

  • 18:50-22:00 Ship Battle, quite funny.  Lessah Dies Twice due to extreme Noobness.
  • 30:00 Big Battle with Captain Tew and Sahba herding cats!
  • 1:30:00 Elite Shroud Epic Fail with Special Guests BonnieBew and Mari

No one is in Distress here!  (Looking at you DDO Cast)

  • We have been streaming on the fly!  Thanks to DDO Stream for popping into our Twitch Chat and giving away Turbine Points!
  • Opinion: DDO Player cards?
  • Rumors and  (or) News  by Sahba Jade  :
    • Sahba Write or link something here!
      • In the store. through Dec 1
        • Double points
        • Otto’s Boxes
        • 75% off expansions
        • 75% off druid & half orc
        • 50% off +5 Hearts of Wood
        • Bonus days through Nov 30 – +20% heroic and epic XP
      • Elemental temple of evil – update 25 –

 Get to know your Damsels – this week, Mythery

This time around, we ran running Epic Three Barrel Cove!  

The Damsels Take On Precious Cargo via DDO Stream Here!

Flagging.  Who to talk to? What order?

  • Mythery Quotes: on Twitter #thewisdomofmythery
  • General Thoughts About this Quest Chain:
    • Worth it for XP?
    • Any loot worth going after?  Level 24
      • Iron Mitts (Str +8; 30% HAmp, +40 Vitality, +7 Resistant, Colorless)
      • Orcish Privateer’s Boots (Speed X, FoM, Fire Resist +50, Fire Absorp 30%, Colorless)
      • Kobold Admiral’s Tiller – buckler (Dodge 10, Axeblock VII, Hammerblock VII, Guardbreaking, Colorless)
      • Mutineer’s Blade Rapier (3[W], 17-20×2, Dex 8, Ghostbane VIII, Brilliance, Coruscating, Improved Disruption, Red)
    • Transporter NPC (Cory Seagrass) once finished each quests.



  • The Damsels Enter the Wide World of Social Media!
  • We are official members of the DDO Live Stream Team and will be streaming through them starting the next show. Mythery and I have a habit of breaking the internet.  Can Watch on DDO You Tube Channel.
  • This Weeks Cast will not be posted until Friday.
  • The Damsels will be moving to a new website!  Mythery?  We are working hard on it and will have (hopefully) a completed website for you next show!  Until then, the shows will be hosted at the cth website.  Everything else in the same!  In December and that is when we will begin posting our podcast on iTunes.
  • Next Time!  Sahba Jade? Haunted Halls, both standard and extended versions.
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch Tuesday Dec 2th 11PM pst
    • Podcast Live Broadcast Wednesday Dec 3th 11PM pst

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