Cocktail Hour Episode 47, Dragon Age 2 Support Group

WARNING: This episode is NOT about Dungeons and Dragons Online!  Join us next week when we talk about our favorite game! Until then, please know that this podcast contains a few major spoilers for Dragon Age 2. Please DO NOT listen if you do not want certain parts of the game ruined for your initial play through. The surprises are worth it!

Welcome to a special Cocktail Hour where special guests Teppotastic, Kudesnik, and Coldin T , join me for a round table discussion of Dragon Age 2. We talk about our favorite and least favorite aspects of game play, graphics, mechanics, characters, storyline, etc. Listen to find out which party members are “easier” than others!  Thanks so much for listening!

HERE is the link for the episode! Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!

You can also listen from our home on cyberears HERE


00:00:56 Intro:  Dragon Age 2 Main Theme; Inon Zur

00:01:22  Spoiler Alert! Turn back now!

00:01:34  General Gameplay, what did our panel think about: Graphics/ Combat

00:05:43 Mechanics of speech, talking Hawke/ Dialogue wheel vs old DAO conversation tree

00:10:06 Dungeon Layout

00:12:12 party member’s armor, six years and you’re still in the same shirt?

00:14:27 Crafting, upgrading your armor, potions

00:16:56  Load times








00:18:35 What was your main party make-up?

00:21:05 Favorite character? (spoiler alert!)

00:24:25 Least favorite Character? (mild spoiler)

00:26:29 Party Dialogue (mild spoiler)

00:28:55 Kiss and tell! Whom did you take to party camp? (easy spoiler!)

STORYLINE: (spoilers)

00:33:01 Ten Years? Really?

00:37:53  Favorite time period for Hawke.   

00:40:33 Cameos by old characters.


00:46:12 What class did you decide on for your main play through?

00:49:30 Why did you buy DA/ What was your favorite part? (mild spoiler)

00:52:00 Major emotional responses (major spoiler)

00:54:10 Your ending (spoiler!)

00:57:55 Isabella talk. 

00:59:01 Would you play DA3?

00:59:38 The city of Kirkwall and map talk.

01:00:51 A special request for one of those smexy Qunari as a party member in DA3.

01:01:33 Codex talk. 

01:03:12 Links to articles

Lead Writer Blasts Homophobic Fan, (great article!)

Zero Punctuation, DA2 Review

01:04:52 Outro


Our Hawkes! (You can make Hawke pretty unique!  As seen below!)

Kudesnik’s Hawke:

Lessah’s Hawke


Teppotastic used the default Hawke, YUM!

Coming soon:

Coldin’s Hawke

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