Damsels of DDO Episode 5, Delirium

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  This time around the Damsels form a wolf pack and go howling into a beholder infested tavern!   Good times had by all?  That depends on local Public Intoxication Laws.  We do apologize in advance for the inebriation of any of the hosts of the show!  *cough* Lessah *cough cough* Thanks so much for listening!
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Old School!   

  1. Every time Lessah says: “Hello!” or “You know what?” You take a drink!
  2. Every time Samius makes an innuendo, you take a drink!
  3. Every time a word has to be beeped, you take a drink! (If Lessah is beeped, you take 2 drinks!)
  4. Every Segway… you take a drink! (if it’s a good Segway, you must drink twice!)
  5. At the end of the show, you must empty your glass, even if you have just refilled it!)

New Years Resolution!

  • Patrick!
  • Rumors and  (or) News  by Sahba Jade  :
    • Sahba Write or link something here!
      • DDO accomplishments in 2014?
      • Favorite thing this year in DDO?
      • New Year’s resolution for DDO?
      • Artwork

Before we start!  

  • Wolves!
    • So many wolves, so little room to see on my screen.
  • Get to know your Damsels – this week, we get to know Patrick, honorary damsel!
    • How did you get to take over from Anne and Sig Trent.
    • You are on a desert island and can only have ONE band on your solar-powered ipod, what band is it?

This time around, we ran Heroic quests!  

  • Delirium – drinking with the beholders and then seeing things; flying puzzle pieces
  • Acid Wit – moral dilemma of killing troglodytes who’ve been genetically altered by a madman (Magus Littleton)
  • Mired in Kobolds – dragon trouble



  • Mythery Quotes: on Twitter #thewisdomofmythery


    • I kill Trogs all the time, they stink!
    • You will have to support me in the manner in which I have become accustomed.


  • Show will go up in the new year! lols Also this current show is Episode 5.  Your Episode 4 is our episode 5 because we weren’t able to broadcast our first episode via DDO Stream.  Sorry for the confusion. See the website and not Youtube for the full questing madness!
  • Website Update Mythery!
  • Next Time!  Stormhorns (wildnerness and whatever quests we get to)
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch Tuesday Jan 13th, 11PM pst
    • Podcast Live Broadcast Wednesday Jan 14th, 11PM pst

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