DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 44, Get In Mah Barrel!

Happy 5th Birthday to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited!

Welcome back to the DDO Cocktail Hour!  This week we talk a lot about the DDO 5th Birthday Event, the good, the bad, and everything in between!  Samius decides to take the completionist path and buy an iPhone and Cocktail Hour gets its first official drunk dial!  Listen to find out what’s hot and what is not on the auction house in this post-apocalyptic game climate! Thanks so much for listening! 

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00:00:15  Intro: Clearing A
00:01:01  Happy Birthday DDO-EU & you are all diabolical!!!
00:03:10  Video posted of the Live Event By Mega Man Expert
00:03:26  Auction House Tip of the Week!  Pirate’s Port = Fast Cash; Large Devil Scales are how much???
00:04:15  Check out the latest issue of Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer, tons of DDo Articles! Incl: Chris Molsbee’s pick for Most Outstanding Guild of 2010Mortal Voyage of Argonessenn!
00:05:26 Twitter Question:  DDO Live event, Loved it? Hated it? why/ why
00:10:22 Twitter Q: What style of hat? And what if anything did you add to your hat for the B-day event?
00:14:47 After Action Review: DDO Live Event
We like:
1.  Great loot, crafting = awesome
2.  Great design, funny kobold banter
3.  Mechanic for all levels was fantastic!
4.  Kobold resource gathering is the new outsource for dungeneering!
5.  Quest gave XP!
00:17:56 Things to think about for the future:
1. Overage of doubloons and nothing to spend them on in the shop. Euphonia does not know how to make change!
2. Consider making all items bound to account to minimize economic instability.
3. Consider letting us see more of smugglers rest. (Island was pretty small)
4. Game ground to a halt.
5. Consider keeping the pressure steady for the entire time limit.  (Give a reward for saving all the kobolds and bringing them home when the job is done for example.)
00:25:49 Forums:  “I’m a Kobolt on the edge !”  By Purgatory 

00:27:14 Forums: Party at PAX East
00:29:00 Doom!  Forum: Racism in game & Samius gets neg rep!
00:34:10 Emails!  Ladder Goat Laughing
00:35:31 Samius Gurobo’s shamelessly asks for advice on his new droid!
00:36:47 Ninja Guest, iPhone Expert: Kudesnik (Samius/ Kud make-out session in-coming)
00:38:50 Samius shamelessly asks for money!
00:39:45 True Reincarnation talk!  Paladins/ Sorcerors/ & Wizards Oh My! (make-out session 2)
00:44:18 Samius commits to Completionist  & makes a shameless lobby for Gnomes!
00:45:53  A Voicemail from Nklos! (CtH’s first official drunk dial!)
00:47:05 Reach us at:
90IPWNU00/ 904-796-8001
00:48:02 Dragon Age 2! ZOMG!
00:49:01 Outro & Toast Yo!

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Morah gets caught (after confessing) to breaking and entering into the Turbine Office! 
Make sure you right click on the picture and “zoom in” so you can read the office memo’s on the wall! 

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