DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 43, Happy Hour!

Happy Birthday Welcome to the DDO Cocktail Hour!

That’s right!  We have made it to one year of inglorious podcasting!  Loads of other podcasters check in to serve warrants and otherwise berate us this week, as well as a special surprise from the infamous Morah and a special poem from Skaggy the Poet!  The team talks a little bit about love until it makes Samius puke and change the subject! Listen to find out what happens when you give Cocktail Listeners free license to drunk-dial (to the tune of 3500 Turbine Points)! Thanks so much for listening! 

HERE is the link for the episode!  Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!

You can also listen from our home on cyberears HERE 

00:00:02  Intro: (When Fire Reavers Attack! W/ Special Guest Morah& Basthuul)
00:02:09  Intro (Iron Deacon, Ninja call! #1)
00:03:19  What are you drinking?
00:03:04  Ninja Call #2 Rent To Pwn! (Jack Pot Shrouding!)
00:06:37 What are you wearing?
00:07:14  Skaggy’s B-day poem
00:10:21  Twitter Question: Does your Significat Other play DDO?
00:10:46  Ninja Call #3, Steiner Davion! (DDo CtH Suga-Daddy)
00:13:01  Ninja Call #4, Wyldthing! (Just Another Fun Loving Supply Officer!)
00:15:00  Ninja Call #5 Saxykitten68! (I love your Crunchy Bits Segment on DDo Cast!)
00:17:11 Nija Call #6 Xiloscent! Pvp Bad!
00:24:38 Twitter Q: Rules for an official CtH Drinking game

The Rules for this week’s show (*you must be age 21 or over to play or drink a non-alcoholic beverage):

1.)  Every time Lessah says: “Hello!” or “You know what?” You take a drink!

2.)  Every time Samius makes an innuendo, you take a drink!

3.)  Every time a word has to be beeped, you take a drink! (If Lessah is beeped, you take 2 drinks!)

4.)  Every Segway… you take a drink! (if it’s a good Segway, you must drink twice!)

5.)  Every time someone calls in, you take a drink!

6.)  At the end of the show, you must empty your glass, even if you have just refilled it!)

00:27:32 A Special Message From Teppotastic!
00:28:25 A Voicemal from Kudesnik!
00:29:03 Happy Birthday wishes From our parent show: “The DDo Cast
00:30:10  Forums: A History And a Proposal  by kittikatgurl
00:36:43  Ninja Caller #7 BC Peterson (His cat plays Candyland!)
00:39:23  Forums:My Wife/ Husband/ Partner Hates DDo by Ryan220
00:42:03  Well Wishes from Flex Your Geek  
00:43:16  Well Wishes from KIASA Cast
00:44:55  Email: Teapot dome: How was your double dutch rudder?
00:46:12 Lessah accidentally hangs up on 2 people & Samius considers hiring Anne as new chief editor!  (was too hilarious to leave out!)
00:47:32  Ninja Call #8 Thad Williams! (can be Nekkid for you in 2 seconds!)
00:50:04  Ninja Call #9 Kosimo! (Oh, a Black Russian IS your drink!)
00:53:03  Bonus Forum: Hezeru Proctologist w/ Myopia by Hadrienn
00:53:35  Email:  How do I overcome being Despaired when facing mummies in the desert?
00:57:34  True Reincarnation: Chronoscope/ Red Fens/ Blood Tide Pirates/ Droaam talk
01:01:48  Reach us at
01:03:17  Outro & Toast

Coyle says: “There’s a Fire reaver in the kitchen! Get ready to fight!”

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A public service announcement from the CtH:

There will be no new episodes of the DDO Cocktail Hour until 1 March 2011.  Any complaints can be filed in triplicate to a third party to be named later!  (Sorry.. I have to work occasionally to support my podcasting habbit!)

When the mast-head changes to the St. Patty’s Day Theme… it is a sure sign that the CtH crew is back in action!


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