CTH, Episode 39.5 The Lost Episode, Year In Review!

WARNING:  Explicit! This episode is only downloadable here at the Cocktail Hour Website.  This episode will not be advertised on the DDO Forums either.  We just got way too out of hand with language this go round!  If this is your first time visiting the Cocktail Hour… Please!  For the love of all that is holy! Do not let this be your first episode!

This is our lost episode year in review!  It is ONLY available on the website! Why?  OMG this episode is so highly inappropriate, I had to ban it from iTunes and from the general DDo Forums!  Consider this all website bonus material! We thought we could not sink any lower below the lowest common denominator… WE WERE WRONG!!!  If you are easily offended or below the age of 18, you might want to skip this one.  On the plus side, we actually have a great discussion about loot drama and give away some Turbine Points!  If you are a regular Cocktail Hour Listener… You do not want to miss this one!  Thanks so much for listening!  

Intro:  iFunk
Why aren’t you drinking?
Twitter Question:  Give us a shout out to your guild!
Twitter Question:  What is your New Year’s Resolution?
Year in Review, Drama Drama Drama, More Drama!
Forums:  Is it ok to sell your raid loot?  Is it ok to buy someone else’s raid loot after they have won it?
Ninja Guest From the Van Hemlock Podcast, Jonshute!
DDO CtH TP Giveaway!!! Winners of the screenshot contest!
Gratz to:
Torrence/ Niddles/ Mookie
Honorable mentions: Stabbity & Nklos   
Gratz to My Favorite Tweeter this year! SylvurDragon (I gave him 750 TP for being my Favorite Tweeter this year!)
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Outro & Toast

Screenshots Below!

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Yeah… there was stuff in this show I had to cut out because it just didnt fit!
Download “Book Talk” and Lessah’s Rant about vampires

  1. KreepyKritter says:

    Is it bad that I seem to have caught the two most low-brow shows yet published, and relished every minute of both?

    I lol’d. I lol’d so hard I made coffee come out my nose.

  2. Lessah says:

    Not at all!  I just know Samius and I can clean up our act and be straight arrow professionals!  Can’t we???

  3. KreepyKritter says:

    Let me answer that question with a question…

    Why would you want to? Also… Not enough bleach in the industrialized world to clean THAT up. 😉

  4. Teppotastic says:

    Yeeaaah – sorry about that XD

    I can professional too! Next time! Professional….. Semi-Professional! Got it! 😛

  5. Lessah says:

    Don’t ever change Teppo!  We love you as you are!

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