DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 84, Hero to the People

Welcome to the 84th episode of DDO Cocktail Hour where we discuss the social aspects of Dungeons and Dragons Online!  We are talking all about our character builds for the great role reversal experiment as well as a little Avengers hype.  Listen to find out why Samius was meant to be a female half orc and hero to the people and what he thinks a “fluke” means in Permadeath! Thanks so much for listening!


Here is the link for the episode!  Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!

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  • Avengers
  • Dare Devil
  • Summer Shows?


  1. Samius Gurobo Was raised by wolves, Tabletop gaming the hard way.  Dungeons and A-holes Sundays
  2. Life Swap!  Twitch!  Level 10. Ways to get Samius more XP…
  3. The Fling
  4. Sitting Ducks Level 27
  5. DDO Kersplat with Patrick
  6. Shroud Weapons!
  7. Surprise Permadeath Rant



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