DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 36, Crafty Armor

Economics 101 commences this week on the DDO Cocktail Hour!  Is our in-game economy in trouble? Should we even care?  How much is too much platinum when it comes to loot?  The team rounds out fashion week and takes a look at some of the new armor skins available on Lamania coming in Update 8 and Samius Gurobo stands up for elven male masculinity everywhere!  Listen to find out how much Blue Dragonscale Armor will cost you on the Auction House!  Thanks so much for listening! 

HERE is the link for the episode!  Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!

You can also listen from our home on cyberears HERE 

Intro: Ode To Joy (Beethoven’s 9th)
What are you drinking?
New Armor available on Lamania.
Dear Turbine, please don’t let my elven males look like dance instructor’s any more. They are emasculated enough as it is!
Twitter Question:  What is your # in plat? What’s the most $ you have spent on the Auction House?
Lessah is spending HOW MUCH on Dragon Scale armor??? Wth M8!?!
Email:  What ever happened to that tome on Thelanis?

Twitter Question: How do you all feel about the change from the gold to the plat standard in DDo?
DDO Economy, pMagic
Are AH Prices Out Of Control?  
BYOH VOD Run , By Phidius
Email: What is wrong with this picture (Original screenshot taken by Brian 14)
Announcement! CtH Hiatus, Aloha everyone! See you all in 2 weeks!
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Outro & Toast

What is wrong with this picture?

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Clanky made this for Lil’ Lessah IRL and she wore it on a t-shirt at Gen Con!  I thought it was really cute and worth sharing!


  1. isilmerel says:

    ToD at level 3? Gimps.

    Re: Mnemonic potions…If a caster (arcane or divine) works their ass off, I’ll throw a potion at them.

  2. Lessah says:

    haha! Right you are! TOD would be a very difficult if not impossible challenge at THAT level! 

  3. chinio says:

    they do know you cant even enter TOD or get the quest untill you are lvl 19 right!

  4. Whatem says:

    Hey Samius

    I think this is that item you were trying to remember
    Circlet of Persuasion:
    Minimum Level: 7
    Gives a +3 competency bonus to all Charisma based skills.

  5. Lessah says:

    Winner! You are correct! I was thinking also that the Necro should not be this popular! 

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