DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 32, Bad Mood Monday

Thanks for joining us for another zany podcast!
Here is your standard warning: Samius Angry, Samius Smash and then go cry in the corner!  As always, “actual news” with “actual facts” can be found at our parent show, The DDO Cast!  Thanks so much for listening!

This week we are talking about mistakes.  Everyone makes them, trust us!  There is some movie talk and loads of email to sort through as well!  Listen to find out the secret shame of our hosts as well as why humans (and sometimes dwarves) in D&D will breed with ANYTHING! 


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00:00:03  Intro: An Expert from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Alcohol” (Thanks Jomark!)
00:03:17  What are you drinking?
00:04:20  The Alcohol Apothecary with Adan Maskery
00:06:16  Ironman News & Movie News
00:09:39 Twitter Question: What is your standard greeting when you log on?
00:13:28 Twitter Question:  Have you ever made a horrible mistake that cost the party loot/ xp/ failure while in a raid or a group? Confess!
00:22:19  Confessions, Lessah Shroud and Permadeath Shame!  (Contains Spoilers)
00:27:00  Samius Shame Grief.  Grease is a Party Buff.
00:28:05 Forums:  Congrats to Pannzzy for a solo of the Shroud, By Twizznatch

00:30:08 What new race would you like to see next? By Coldin
00:30:29  Email Microconsole? 
00:33:34  Email, Landmine: Where is my podcast!?!
00:35:12  Email, Zozo Next week’s guest:  Killed in a Smiling Accident 
00:37:26  Email, EcgricDDO, From the Premium Perspective, What about a Roleplay/ Permadeath Guild? Can you have the best of both worlds? 

00:41:45  Thanks to Skaggy the Poet for writing a Permadeath Poem! (maybe for Lessah, the jury is out)
00:42:16 Thanks to Flex Your Geek Podcast for having Lessah on as their latest guest!

00:43:03  Reach us at …
00:44:01  Outro & Toast
Jonathon Coulton: Baby got Back, Lyrics by a poet of great esteem: Sir Mix A Lot!



 **Bonus! What kind of tokens are on the ground in this cartoon? 



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  1. Jerry says:

    True Dungeon Tokens!

  2. Lessah says:

    Winner! You are correct sir!
    You win… um… *thinks* a cartoon version of Jerry Snook for your website!
    Get to it Cranky-beard! *cracks whip*

  3. Samius says:

    Better stop by the shop and pick up some extra nutmeg if you are trying to get another piece of art work commissioned.

    That or put him on bed rest. If you know what I mean! 😉

  4. thebrute7 says:

    They look like True Dungeon Tokens from GenCon

  5. Crankenbeard says:

    Your comment is cryptic. Make sense! What Lessah may not realize is that I have already started on this image. It’ll be done before next week’s show! (Um, it was supposed to be done before GenCon.)

    Lessah threatens to get the whip out all the time, but she never does. She’s a bit of a tease like that. The cat-o-nine tails has is dusty from non-use.

  6. Stabbity says:

    FYI for Samius. DS half-giants are not half drawf half giant. Half-giants were magically conjured cross of human and giant. No mating (sorry Lessah).

  7. Lessah says:

    I actually forgot I own that….

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