DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 26, “Awkard Moments”

Warning:  Attention Commuters! This episode might take more than one commute to listen to! Normally I like to keep it around an hour, but with Jerry, there is just no getting into that time frame. Also, there is some serious content on this particular show. Please don’t hate us for that! Also, there are one or two educational elements in this show. Can you forgive us? I certainly hope so! As we still try to embrace the lowest common denominator. Any complaints you might have can be submitted to our producer, a piece of Burned Toast (no really), or our parent show: The DDO Cast. Otherwise sit back, grab your favorite cocktail, and enjoy as we explore the “lighter” side of Dungeons and Dragons On line, Eberron Unlimited!

This week Samius and Lessah welcome Jerry Snook back the show! The team talks a lot about shameful moments in gaming as well as the life-cycle of the MMO player! Samius and Jerry have a rant fest and the team comes up with a way for Turbine to make even more fast cash! Listen to find out how Jerry reacts when formally asked to go behind the rock! Thanks so much for listening!

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00:00:25 Intro: “Do Re Mi” By Mock Duck (seriously!)
00:01:00 What are you drinking? The Dirty Kobold = I Sweet Vermouth + 2 Vodka + 4 Spanish Olives + .5 brine
00:03:00 Vegitarian Hazing 
00:05:06 Twitter: Name your shame! Awkward moments in DDO!
00:09:53 Jerry’s shame
00:11:01 Samius Gurobo’s shame
00:12:53 Ninja Adan’s Alcohol Apothecary, The Dirty Kobold, By the Iron Decon
00:17:23 Lessah’s Awkward Moments Quiz!
00:23:37 Twitter: What do you miss from DDO that used to be in game and now it’s gone?
00:27:14 Samius’ Twitter gets derailed by Shining Force for the iphone
00:29:20 What Jerry Misses
00:30:12 What Lessah Misses
00:31:31 Parsec Awards f/u
00:32:21 Back Pack gets a work over, Rot = Bad Loot
00:37:16 Disscussion: The Life-Cycle Of the MMO Player
00:45:04 Samius rant’s about stuff (Dungeons and Dragons = Satain’s Game)
00:57:09 Jerry rant’s about green steel and large ingreedients Sanadil’s DDO Ultimate Game Guide
01:11:11 Forums: Goodbye Memnir, moment of silence (*editor’s note: I was going to insert The Buguler’s Cry here, but the music hit too close to my heart, “universi unus”)
01:12:27 Samius funs up the show
01:13:32 Jerry gets a formal Rock invitation
01:14:24 Solo of the Pit Tutorial by Belell
01:16:39 Email, Episode 25.2 comments, thanks Pixelbox!
01:22:19 Samius talks about Harry Beaters
01:23:28 Jerry’s money making idea
01:24:14 CTH’s DDO Store Large ingreedient suggestion
01:25:03 Reach us at …
01:26:07 Outro & Toast

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Website Bonus Material

Oh yeah!  Website bonus material is BACK!  This is my corner, where I put things that I think are funny, or things that I think are too riskee or don’t fit with the theme of the show, or… are just plain innapropriate!  I am thinking I might call this section “Behind the Rock” as it does not go into the Itunes feed and can only be downloaded from our website here.  Your thoughts? 

This time, I didn’t want to lose this little chat that Jerry, Samius, and I had before we started the show.  Enjoy!

  1. JakLee says:

    Good show guys, It’s like getting CTH & DDOCast in one helping!

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