DDO Cocktailhour Episode 72, I Sit Down Right Now

Welcome to the 72nd episode of DDO Cocktail Hour where we discuss the social aspects of Dungeons and Dragons Online!  This week we talk about summer plans for our characters,  We got email, we have plans and Samius is a two-timing ho! Listen to find out how Samius tips a waiter and what Lessah says over a hot mic on Twitch!  Thanks so much for listening!


Here is the link for the episode!  Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!


04:25 TWITTER QUESTION!!!  YES!  This is back by popular demand of one person!  

What are your summer plans for your character?  

07:30 How Samius Gurobo thinks you tip a waiter.  Hilarity

In where Samius is inappropriate and Lessah needs an adult.  

10:50 Samius makes a positive comment.  

15:30 Movie talk and Lessah and Samius’ Sarlona Twitch Stream disaster

18:45 Lessah’s Plan:  

  1. Argo – Iconic Sad Slow past life.

  2. Possible Non PD Static group idea!  At level questing via group consensus, No consumables outside of components and the rewards/ buffs you earn from earning favor, no AH, meeting time has to be during the day or the morning and during the week.  **addendum, if you die, you must complete the quest nekkid as part of your penance and do a “Walk of Shame” to the tavern after.  If you die a second time, you must walk in the back of the party weaponless.  Stay tuned for open spots and day of the week!  

23:20 Samius’ Plan:  

  1. Bardic Sex change, Intense Sensitivity Training

26:20 Lessah is a Noob!

  • Lag!  I sit down right now

  • The Sitting Ducks take on the Chronoscope Epic Hard.  When you Live Stream a raid, mute yourself.  “Mommy’s fighting an Abishai right now!”  

32:40  Things that make you go Hmmm

  • Gnolls in the Netherese Army get shat upon, do not be a gnoll in the Netherese Army.  

  • Listen to the DDO Cast this week cause Samius is on it and they are doing a three part segment on pugging.  

37:40 Gen Con talk in where Samius invites Lessah’s entire family to sleep on the floor of their hotel room.  

39:30 Forum:  DDO Party

40:50 le=”text-decoration:none;”>What would you pay for?  by Chai

45:00 Group Discussion  

  • Pulling your own weight and party balance.  What does it mean to you! i.e. What do you do when a mummy gives you “The Herp” aka mummy rot?

49:30 Emails:

We got email!  

Kosmo has found the best USB ports ever!

Gotta love targeted advertising – look what showed up when I searched for Samius on Twitch…  –Kos  

52:00  Ichwyrm Deadhart

Hi Lessah and Samius!! I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know a few things cause your last cast really hit a chord with me.  I’M glad you’re putting the show together again. Its always helped me enjoy DDO so much more. Been listening from the start and like you guys have had some real life issues that mean i play less than the daily addiction i used to feed.  Well not that much less but still…

anyway. some quick comments …

Samius – you’re absolutely right about everything on the state of the game!  But you’re wrong about Arrow although you will have to endure the first 6 episodes before it starts to get good. And you’re right about the winter soldier movie. of of course you’re right you’re Samius.

2. Lessah – Its fine Lessah, you can let your party kill the monster And I don’t think Ive ever laughed so much as I have with this latest cast.

Unsolicited advice. Samius, i think you need to step back a bit. I always find that a short vacation (not 18 months pls…) helps you enjoy the game more when you come back. I play on Ghallanda but have recently started a toon on Sarlona to join some friends. I have to say. starting out dirt poor with no gear and making a new server your home is incredibly fun. made a bunch of new friends, and am now actually excited about loot again. Perhaps you might have the same experiences I’ve had on a new server.

You guys rock !


Ichwyrm Deadhart >

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Bonus Material! 

Episode 72 Extras , It’s short and really inappropriate.  You have been warned, you cannot unhear this.















Ninja Bonus!  Thanks very much to Martel of Argonnessen for voicing this for me and Chai of Sarlona and Thelanis, the DJ mix master who used the Otto’s Dance Sphere spell sound and a back beat to make the track for this sound byte.  I am so happy with how it turned out and I want it to go out on The DDO Cast first since Patrick really gave me the inspiration for the idea!  The commercial will air on the CTH officially on our next show, but as a treat for the people who bother to come to the website, you can listen to the track now!  I will not mention this anywhere else. It’s our secret.   LINK


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