DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 9: Getting Dirty W/ Alex Haddox


Warning: There is actually SOME educational content contained within this particular show! We wanted to include this fact so as not to enrage our fans who might not be expecting that! As always, if you are looking for hard-hitting news, please refer our parent show: The DDO Cast . Otherwise sit back, relax, grab your favorite cocktail whatever that might be, and enjoy as we explore the lighter side of Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eberron Unlimited!


This week, Lessah and Samius and welcome special guest: Alex Haddox!  
A real-life martial arts trainer, podcaster, and player of DDO-EU. The team talks to Alex about his underwear, the monk, raid etiquette, puzzle solving, crafting green steel items, and even throws in some useful tips for new players. (gasp!)  Thanks so much for listening!


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Intro:What are you drinking/ wearing?
Twitter question: What is your favorite Kung-Fu Movie?
Twitter question: How many times will you open/ ransack a chest to get what you are looking for?
Alex Haddox Surprise!!!!!
Alex Haddox, the man, the myth, the podcaster…
Maps are back!
Alex and his Monk enter couples therapy
What is Mineral II anyway?
Forums: Shroud etiquette 
Forums: Shroud puzzle solver 
Samius Blog Roll On Puzzles
Stirge Corner from DDO Daily – Permawhat? 
Emails!!! (We love our fans! Please write us!)
What potions do you carry in your backpack? 
Outro & Toast
(No time stamps week, can’t decide if I love or hate them!)

Alex Haddox Surprise! 

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  1. Lessah says:

    Had fun doing this one, the harrassment lawsuit should be in the mail any day!

  2. Isilmerel says:

    Test…trying comments in IE since Firefox wouldn’t let me…pay me no mind…

  3. Jerry says:

    I have to be in the mood for Guinness as well. Generally I have to be awake and breathing, but even then I’ll make the occasional exception.

    Zatoichi rules! Love both the early ones in addition to the recent one. Ong Bak is great too, I like the sequel even more. 38 Chambers of Shaolin is another personal favorite, along with both Jackie Chan Drunken Master movies. My favorite modern Jet Li movie is “The One”, although his older ones are also really good.

    I get noticed sometimes, but it’s definitely not an every day thing. Usually it’s about a third of the way through the quest, and someone will /tell me with something like, “are you the ddocast guy?” 🙂

    Okay, so this MIGHT be the most informative DDO Cocktail Hour yet! I feel like I actually learned something. I learned about green steel, monks and codpieces!

    Super job. Time stamps are awesome, but boy are they a pain.

  4. Isilmerel says:

    The Zatoichi I was referring to (I’ve only seen 2 versions) was the 2003 version with Takeshi Kitano. I did link to it in my tweet, but yeah…kinda hard to show links in audio. lol.

    Oh, and just more fodder for Samius-pronounciation-fail…my name is pronounced Iss-sill-mur-rell. Call me Isil. 😛

  5. Isilmerel says:

    Oh…and re: Jerry’s comment on “most informative cocktail hour”…

    *SHOCK* You guys totally need to correct this next week! Otherwise, it’ll ruin your rep! 😛

  6. Lessah says:

    I TOLD Samius we sounded too educational!  That someone might find some useful information in the show!  Bah!  He said… they will never notice he said!  HE WAS WRONG!  REVOLT! 

  7. Anne says:

    I love love love Guinness! I’ve even had Guinness flavored ice cream!

    Thanks for a great show! Samius got all crunchy and even edumacated the masses! Lessah is always charming. Alex made a great guest. Thanks for the monk tips! Now that monks are somewhat fixed I’ve made my own kung-fu kuisinart!

  8. Jerry says:

    Yes! I love the 2003 one, the last 15 minutes in particular. Excellent end fight leading into a fantastic “curtain call” bit of direction. Love the music in it too.

  9. PirateRose says:

    Naww. it’s ok – kinda like pureeing vegetables and putting it in our cake – no one is any wiser to it, right?

    I’m in no way crunchy, but I still enjoyed it.

    I was thinking about this, this week (yes it hurt my brain) – but I thought it might be something to mull over – I was wondering if the addition of guild airships will help to add an outlet for roleplaying that wasn’t there before? – If you have room to assemble as a group on there it might be a fun possibility for guilds incline to that.

  10. Lessah says:

    What a great topic for a show!!!  Ty!!!  I am stealing this!

  11. DRFIREWATER says:

    So many great kung fu movies…. drunken master (jackie chan) but really anything with donnie yen is always great. I love Iron monkey too even though its so american its still great movie.

    I love the new monk bracers … i got a set on my lowbie and thought i will upgrade and check them out on confusious … if wearing the bracers and in fire stance (i still have a 34 dex in fire stance)

    i am still very angry about greensteel handwraps. …. very angry.

  12. DRFIREWATER says:

    shroud lag … my god four days ago i was in a shroud and all of a sudden i notice no one is swinging … so i say something and someone else said yeah i cant see anyone moving either but we where all still hitting him and then all of a sudden harrys hps dropped to 10% from almost full and 8 of 12 people where dead … lag stopped and last 4 people finished the fight and no problems in part 5 but … if not for 4 memebers of caffine and the couple guildies we wouldnt have gotten that far…. lag is on all time high in shroud dps lag sucks.

  13. Samius says:

    I will have a new blog post about the shroud and lag soon. Let me drop a teaser and say I pooped myself and then made an error that derailed my plans.

  14. reorex says:

    OMG!! you guys are Great!
    1. Codpiece, Codpiece. Codpiece!

    2. Alex you rocked the show, I am a subscriber of your podcast, great show and love your monk coverage. Best survivability??? possibly having not played one i wont say no but I have to throw in my thought. Tempest ranger can run neck and neck with just about any monk. they can heal, buff and dps like few others. just my 2 cents.
    3. OMG I wish i could have seen lessah when you closed the show with CODPIECE. She had to have Guinness coming out her nose. that was hilarious!!!!!!
    4. When are the twitter questions sent out? I keep missing them. best kung fu movie, 36th Chamber of Shaolin this movie rocked, some of the most fun ive seen. also Big trouble in little china is a classic.
    5. shroud things: just one: dont hate on new players who are running it for the first time. Have seen this happen to many times. patience.

    ok thats it for now the show just keeps getting better and better.

    Oh wait 1 more thing:
    samius is a fat halfling, I dont see how he could get offended by Alex thinking he is a dwarf. I think all us Dwarves should be offended that he wants to resemble us !

    Your #3 fan

  15. Yak says:

    Great guest! Really enjoyed Alex on the show!!!!

  16. JakLee7 says:

    OK, I for one, with all the cool Kung Fu movies being named, am surprised no one mentioned Geochilmaru – its a korean movie – if you haven’t seen it and you like martial arts at ALL, watch it. It really is a very good movie, regardless of how silly the premise sounds on paper

  17. Jerry says:

    36 Chambers of Shaolin is awesome! If you have the DVD, listen to the commentary track with the kung fu movie expert and RZA from the Wu Tang Clan. RZA runs circles around the expert with his knowledge of the movie and genre and is great.

  18. reorex says:

    that is one of my most favorite movies from that era of Kung Fu movies. Any of the run run shaw movies from that time are also classics!

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