DDO Cocktailhour Episode 71 Kobold Still Hate You!


Welcome to the 71st episode of DDO Cocktail Hour where we discuss the social aspects of Dungeons and Dragons Online!  This time around we talk about the Haunted Halls, The Crystal Cove Grind, and more!  Samius Gurobo starts out angry and then gets slightly less angry (so it’s a normal show!).  We also get an email from our last living listener!  Listen to hear Samius be wildly inappropriate!


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Note:  Using time stamps this go around because the show is long!  There are a couple of scattered swear words.  It’s the CTH for a reason.  Brace yourself!  Since the show is so long, I tagged my favorite moments with Hilarity.


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The Flash Trailer! 

0:12:50 Lessah is a Noob!

  • “I’m a Cleric”  

  • The Ducks make level 21

  • Samius gets all into cleric pee puddles and talks about something really inappropriate.  

0:22:00 Things that make you go Hmmm

  1. Happy Hour! If you haven’t listened, you need to!  Slavers, hot drow, DDO Store suggestions and more!   

  2. Suggestion came in from Chai to make CC part of the Smugglers Rest permanently.  


0:31:30 Forum:  Why so much hate?  Forums posters, y u so mean?  

Any ETA on gather bug for bags fix by Luvirini

S&B Are slowly getting more popular by Navus

Group Discussion,  

0:41:50 Haunted Halls

0:45:00 HILARITY!!!  Samius’ Rants make my life!  (Spoiler alert if you haven’t done Water Works!) 


0:46:30 Lessah lets Samius Gurobo peek under the hood to help with the Law of Diminishing Returns on AC, PRR, and Defense chance at level.   (Where Lessah pokes Samius with a stick yet again) This is the last time I will bring up this subject for a long time… or until the next show. 

1:00:00 Samius explains why he doesn’t play his tank anymore but he still loves DDO.

(28 Pally with no stance below )

 (28 Pally with defensive stance below )


1:18:00 Email:

Snipahz of Khyber  He has questions, we have answers.



Where Lessah Plays 


1:26:00 Hilarity!  “I’m holding your love hostage, CTH Fan!”

1:30:00 Where we play

1:35:00 Hilarity, Wang is a vegetable

1:36:00 Email from Karl, Pax South this spurns a weird conversation about kids!

1:40:00 Gen Con talk, “The Sheet of Chastity” vs group cuddling.  Samius talks about man boobs and it’s not ok.


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