DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 5: “Everybody Loves Wood!”


Little, very little educational content is contained within this podcast! If you are looking for hard-hitting news, please see the DDO Cast Homepage! Otherwise, have a drink and sit back and enjoy the green goodness of our St. Patties day loven!

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Intro, What do you do with a Drunken Sailor? Powered by The Blaggards*
What are you drinking?
Post edit blaming of Samius for things**
Twitter Ice breaking
Twitter, What is in a name? How did you come up with your main character’s name?
Special Guest Kudesnik with a New iPhone App :
Kudesnik & Lessah wants Samius to buy an Iphone
Fernando’s SofGA: Quick Highlights
Web Comic @ escapistmagazine.com
March Madness: DDOCocktailhour style
Best Excuses to Drop Group
Multiple Conc Opps PROOF
Samius Surprise: “Music by Dr. Firewater”
Outro and Toast!

Please enjoy your inner Sailor/ Irishman/ Leprecon on this fine St. Patrick’s day!
But be responsible, don’t drink and drive and don’t drink an raid unless you’re in the shroud.

Intro Music provided by:The Blaggards (Thanks very much!)

*And thanks to pixelbox for getting us on The Blaggards bandwagon!
**Samius counters: I bet us talking about The Blaggards laying on the cutting room floor!
***note: Samius is doing this week show notes in case you where wondering about the lack of timestamps, he is not a fan of timestamps.


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A song dedicated to DDO Cocktail Hour By Dr. Firewater  (It’s the thought that counts!  Pic by Clankenbeard coming soon!)
Lyrics for the song:

Its a little bit Funny

When we hear her laugh

And he’s just a halfling

thats a little too fat

I don’t have my own podcast

But boy if I did

I’d call it cocktail hour

With Lessah and Samius

And I would tell everybody

This is their cast

It may be silly at times

But its sure gonna last

I hope you enjoy

I hope you enjoy
What these two have to say

How wonderful DDO is

with Lessah in the world


I hope you listen

I hope you listen
Too what these two have to say

No i didn’t forget Samius

Lessah really is that great.

  1. Restoration says:

    (Peeking around the corner)

    “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Now keep your hands away from my Lucky Charms. My wife got control of those years ago.”


  2. Jerry says:

    I’m weird in that I don’t like ice cream much…

    Favorite game as a kid was Karateka for the Apple IIe. Colecovision! Also played Atari carts. Ladybug is nice! Fun game.

    Endless supply of booze for me would be New Glarus’ Spotted Cow beer.

    Fauxmallard is the iPhone version of Mockduck. It’s all hoity-toity and probably costs ten times as much, but does the same things as Mockduck. Biggest difference is Fauxmallard is not able to play with other characters, because it uses a propriatary closed format.

    Flimsy’s a he. But – the idea is like the best thing ever, wish I’d thought of it…

    I put Resist Energy in my list, too, but it got bumped out of the top five.

    Blade barrier does like 1/10th the damage of Wall of Fire! Your list sucks! Only a PD player would put expeditious retreat in there… 🙂

    Man, your show is so good.


  3. Teppo says:

    hehehe Another excellent ‘cast you two 😀

    I have to say I’m a sucker for mint or banana flavoured ice-creams but my unlimited alcohol of choice has got to be Black Mountain Brandy. Well, if I still drank anyways 😛

    MOAR! 😀

  4. Restoration says:

    LOL about the Expeditious Retreat.

    However as a professional Battle Cleric I will put my Blade Barrier up against any Wall of Fire. You haven’t lived till you have seen near 600-700 pts a tick from one.

    As for the Favorite Game that is tough. As a Teen it would have to be Final Fantasy I on the NES.
    However thinking all the way back I would probably say the old Oregon Trail Game on the Apple. Great game…too bad most everyone died on the way P

  5. DRFIREWATER says:


    just had to say it .. i had Intellivision a video game console released by Mattel in 1979. Loved Ladybug and cops and robbers was super so was sanfu … getting all old school on ya

  6. Dunbari says:

    Great show guys and thanks for responding to my email! Sam:(thanks for the shout out as well) yeah I was very excited when I saw the brothers magic show in the Marketplace and thought YES they are finally going to release Evards Black Tentacles to DDO!!! But still it is not in the game. Oh well keeping my fingers crossed it will eventually turn up some time. As for favorite game as a kid I will differ mine from the rest and say a board game instead of a video game I absolutely loved the old Dungeon! board game and still own my original copy as well as the rereleased one. Had a blast playing it again last summer with my brother and nieces(who also loved it)when they came up for a visit! Anyway keep up the great work!

  7. Samius says:

    BB damage is slightly lower then WoF on average, but the whole it “can hit all mobs” pulls it slightly ahead of the spell that hits 80% of the mobs.

  8. DRFIREWATER says:

    I have to disagree .. only for one reason … while firewall doesnt hit everything for mass damage and bladebarrier hits all for same damage … even mild fire resistance still hits mobs for surplus of 150 (i do that vs orthons) and i can sit in a firewall and shield block and let tanks wail on them making even more dps … while blade barrier is always clerics running like chickens without there head on them in circles while the tanks who would have killed most of the mobs in the time they where running around are being kited around worse then the mobs.

    although in alot of cases where blade barrier kills in two hits (in and out) its the best spell in the game … but those situations are few and far between unless you spend your days doing favor or vale slayers.

  9. Yak says:

    @Samius & Lessah: Actually, I have people cast Bark Skin on me all the time. It’s a huge waste since My AC is a 15, since I am not an AC build. They should get the clue that I am wearing cloth with no levels of Monk. I know they have good intentions so I don’t say anything. I love the theme song that you guys used. One suggestion though is that I feel that you cut off your guest too soon. I would have let him to on and talk about why Samius disliked the iphone and why he and Lessah love the iphone. That was the start of pure gold and was very interesting. Other then that I enjoyed the cast but next time I would let your guest shine and have them go on. Plus it adds to a longer cast and who doesn’t enjoy that!!!

  10. PirateRose says:

    We had a Magnavox Odyssey² – which DDO and LOTRO can thank for “Quest for the Rings!”

    Another great show!

  11. Samius says:

    You mean Dps would be faster as long as the Clr that otherwise spend X sp to kill all the mobs, would spend Y sp and heal the dps.

    You always like to hit me for not being group friendly but here is a good example the BB works out better and is the best when the clr kites the mobs, and dps picks one or two and beats them down. Moving to the next until all the mobs are clr. When done right the whole combat only costs X sp, normally much less then Y. And is more fun IMO then life bar wack-a-mole.

    Looking at your myddo pages you have been playing your Clr. How do you play? If you do the healbot thing, does that explain the long breaks in playing him/her?

  12. Clankenbeard says:

    Clanky’s favorite game as a kid was “Find the way home!” Dear old dwarven mom would lead me out into the woods or in a cave or over a cliff with a blindfold on. Then she’d run away. I’d count to 1000 and then try to “Find the way home!” It was great fun. Sometimes I made it–sometimes I didn’t. I think it’s really odd that my new moms always came up with the same game. I now have a huge Festivult card list but I don’t know the addresses to send them to.

    Actual favorite games growing up: Cosmic Encounter and D&D
    Favorite computer game: Archon for the Commodore 64

  13. Fillet O'Sole says:

    Favorite game as a kid: Risk (I predate D&D by a fair bit). BTW, my parents had a ColecoVision, their favorite game was Burger Time, so I played it. I actually got my mom addicted to computers by getting her a Coleco Adam (remember that?) for xmas one year.

    My favorite zymergic treats are most Rums (Sailor Jerry currently, with the vintage tatoos on the inside of the removable lable), either neat, Hot Buttered or in good fresh-ground coffee.

    Favorite beer is what I make at the time or Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout.

    See ya on Orien on Sunday or Wednesday!

  14. Al says:

    Clanky! Get yourself on this show like a bad itch! I don’t care about Lessah’s growls or Samius’ sipping-water-telling-it’s-alcohol game. You belong here! 🙂
    No offence, guys. Good show you got here!

  15. Lessah says:

    Clanky actually WOULD be on the show more, but Clanky works A- LOT!  We have said it before, there would be no show without him, his art-work is priceless! 

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