DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 4: Forgive me cleric for I have sinned


WARNING: NO educational content is contained within this podcast! If you are looking for hard-hitting news, please see the DDO Cast Homepage! Otherwise, proceed further into the depths of silliness!

Hello Everyone!

It’s time for another episode of DDO Cocktail Hour! This week, Samius and I talk about the ins and outs of economics in DDO, favorite monsters, DDO fashion sense and more! Thanks for listening!!!

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00:12 Intro, It’s good to be Irish!
01:35 What are you wearing?
02:14 What are you drinking?
03:35 DDO Party Hats!
04:42 Samius Surprise: Name that tune
06:54 Twitter, What D&D monster is your most hated/ loved?
12:40 Sublime Dreams Dark
15:48 Email!
18:20 DDO Confessions
20:20 Server Economics 101
25:00 Twitter, Do looks matter more than stats?
29:27 Forums, Benefits of My DDO
32:00 Food for thought
34:30 More Emails!
38:23 Rawr! The Pirate King
39:07 Bonus Twitter, Burnt Toast!
40:25 Outro and Toast!


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LINK to The A-Team 2010 Trailer

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  1. Kosimo says:

    Hot off the splicing block! RSS feed works great on PDA reader. Thankfully it’s dark so nobody will see me grinning on the drive home.

  2. Yak says:

    Thanks guys for giving me a burst of light in times of darkness!

  3. Yak says:

    Love the bonus song idea!!!!

  4. Jerry says:

    Yeah, Sarlona’s crazy on AH prices, but it’s cuz people buy it!

    Love the show.

    Ugly armor makes DDO characters cry. You don’t want your characters to cry, do ya?!?!?!

    I may currently hold a few Tofu names on servers that are not being used…for now. Tofurkey isn’t me, though!

    An SFG guildie loves to give everyone Freedom of Movement and then pretty much constantly casting grease during battle. The mobs go down, we don’t!

  5. Entimix says:

    Ah, kobolds. I played a kobold revenant in a 4e one-off last night. Called him Kasquik, in homage to the Shroud and DDO in general.

    Also in looks vs. stats, Brizithra always picks circlets and such over full helms and such. She likes her hair and doesn’t like “abusing” /showhelmet off.

  6. PirateRose says:

    ::does a little fan girl dance::
    Lessah read my email! **squee!**

    I have a bard and a pally that I created and dressed just to go with my main’s backstory. I’ll probably get around to playing the Pally, but the Bard will probably stay a level 1 (with great clothing!) because she’s more of a barfly than a questor (she doesn’t need to go adventure – because adventure comes to her).

    Yes. my name is PirateRose and I role play …

    To quote Clanky: Off the the Leaky Lobster! (yes, I keep that video in my favorites to cheer me up at work)

  7. Envinyatar says:

    I wish I could explain to you the depth of hatred I have for Stirges. When I played P_n_P, the DM I played with would put a freakin’ swarm of stirges in every cave we found. Think of it as a “death by a thousand paper-cuts”.

    Every time we entered a cave, our party would wind up walking immediately out again, with these blasted things hanging off of us…I mean, if we lived.

  8. Drfirewater says:


    you mention the A-Team movie and out of all the people you mention you miss out on the biggest news part

    Rampage Jackson as MrT

    For you people who have been under a rock the last 30 years Quinton Rampage jackson is one of the baddest ass guys on the planet … Has held the light heavyweight title in three of the largest orginizations of professional fighting and gave up a number one contenders fight so that he could be mr T …. quinton is one of the funnies guys you could ever get your ass beat by.

  9. Lessah says:

    Lessah <3’s Dr. Firewater 4-EV-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Samius says:

    You mean B.A. Baracus? Because i piety the fool that thinks B.A. is Mr. T!

    And we hit the best, It it almost here!

  11. Drfirewater says:

    I guess you got your email … and are not <3 'ing me because i could not remember MrT's characters name in the A team 🙂

  12. drfirewater says:

    Armor is one thing … hacknslash has the ugliest intimidate helm ever its the reason i bought the three cornered hat … (before i go further let me say i hate using showhelmet off maybe its the wanna be roleplayer in me but if your gonna take the bonus at least wear something on your head) I loved how minos looked till everyone had one … but when i intimidate i use a heavy fort ring and a intimi 15 helm … its that ugly shaman looking one and mine is bright purple with yellow highlights ….. god its ugly but before that three cornered hat i wore it when ever i needed intimidate … the other day someone from guild said “Man hack that hat (three cornered hat) is so ugly i cannot play with you wearing that thing” I said “its better then whats underneath it” he said ” That would be impossible” then i showed him … needless to say i can wear the hat all i want now 🙂

  13. samius says:

    I don’t hate.

    I just <3 me the Ateam and OMG, the newest Iron man 2 teaser is so hot!

  14. Kosimo says:

    Just heard Van Hemlock for the first time – talked about the metal dog grease vomit on the pipe bridge and a big mountain climb – hilarious.

  15. Kosimo says:

    Object Draw Distance
    Object Draw Distance on Extra High? Van Hemlock mentioned something very valuable in his podcast #73 that bears repeating/clarifying. Even if you run on a lower end system, you can sacrifice every other video setting, but get Object Draw distance up so you can see farther. I do question one point – that if you see it you can hit it – I think composite bows do make a difference here – anyone know?
    It also seems to me this could be limited by low spot skill, but I don’t know since I always max spot out. I do that because I often solo, and as a newbie with limited time almost every quest is the first time – and surprises scare me :).

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