Cocktail Hour Episode 101 Party Wipes Happen

Welcome!  To the 101st episode of DDO Cocktail Hour, what do you do when you party wipe in the Temple of Elemental Evil?  Why you record a show, of course!  We talk about things we haven’t been able to catch up on!  So much is going on in our game!  Plus, we go over some interesting things we’ve noticed while twitching!  Thanks so much for listening!  


Here is the link for the episode!  Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!

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Cartoon crush

  • Gen Con!  
    • Ditched by Keith.  
    • Art!  
  • Vury excited!  CW shows come back!  Tom Felton, The Flash!  
  • Stranger Things
  • Star Wars!  Lando.  Donald Glover.  


DDO Stuff

  • We are level ten Sarlona, you can join us at level 7, or you can roll an iconic and leave the trainer, level yourself to ten and play with us!  We are third-lifers, so you will be able to keep up with us/ pike off our xp with minimal effort!  
    • Fridays at 12:30 cst on Sarlona.  We will be conquering the Temple of Elemental Evil again next time, because failure is NOT an option in CTH.  Type /joinchannel cthlive to get into the chat channel, and ping us to join the group! We run for a solid hour and sometimes a little more, but I will promise you all the XP I can until then!
  • Buddy Weekend!  5%?
  • Cannith crafting.  No flex shards, but I have an open mind.  
  • Javabot has out leveled the CTH Live group.  
  • Pure Zergbarian

Group Discussion:  

  • Twitch Etiquette.  
    • What’s right to say or not say in someone’s stream?  (i.e. don’t try to snipe players, I don’t want to know about your personal life, unless it’s D&D or gaming related.  I don’t need to know that your cat’s surgery came out ok.  
  • Shut up and take my money!  
    • What about other games? DDO is not the only one out there, I sometimes twitch Minecraft, I’m playing CIV V, I’ll be playing CIV VI when it comes out, I’ll be playing Mass Effect Andromeda next year, I play Pokemon Go like it’s my job.  I’m loving the walk etc, DDO I think will be around a long time, and I have no plans to unsub.  In fact, If there really is an expansion coming, one of the things I want is to get in early, and get any extra stuff they are offering!  
      • My question:  What is the “The thing” in DDO that will entice you to pre-order an expansion?  I like the statue idea!  


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