A quick note from Lessah


This past couple of weeks has been very trying for me, my father had emergency surgery, and I ended up helping him recover afterwards. Why do old people live in the middle of nowhere without real amenities like WiFi and gourmet coffee?  I have no idea!  But that is where I’ve been! He’s doing much better, and honestly I had a good time watching the World Series with my Dad! 

Additionally, I have been accepted (officially) back to college! My gaming schedule is going to shift dramatically! I am very excited about getting the opportunity to go back to school! It’s for Polysomnography, even though you didn’t ask! I will still be playing DDO, but with less frequency than I have over the past few years. I was in at least three weekly play obligations for a long time. I had to drop out of those. The Damsels play time/ day might have to shift a bit after the New Year, but for now that is only an every other week obligation, and shouldn’t effect the current play schedule too much! 

The Cocktail Hour is another matter entirely. The day/ time we play had become very challenging for me. My family gives zero fucks about my play time. They want what they want, when they want it. As the “Mom”, I am required to actually interact with them when they ask. As Samius’ schedule has changed as well, this has presented a great deal of logistical difficulty for the CTH! Samius is trying to diversify his gaming portfolio, and make a full time gig out of Twitching. I think that is an amazing undertaking! I support him, and you should too! He also has another podcast he does that is Magic The Gathering based, and though I don’t understand any of it, it has a fair amount of traction! Go Samius! 

Being a part of this community for the last ten years has meant so much to me! I can’t imagine a world where I’m not playing DDO. So if the Cocktail Hour only posts a show every now and again, that’s ok! I just can’t play as much as I want to right now, but podcasting is something I have truly come to love. Thank you for listening, and thank you for loving the same game I do! 



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