Yeah okay, vampires aren’t really my thing, but I managed to get through two series about the lil’ blood suckers.

1.  Vampire Knight – This anime is currently on Netflix and you can watch it in English though the Japanese version is a whole lot better.  It got a little weird towards the end, but was a descent series.  I liked how the heroine wasn’t a pushover and the main protagonist was by far the biggest stand-out for me.  “Zero” is now one of the background wallpapers for my computer.
 photo zero3.png

 2.  Diabolik Lovers – I didn’t know what a reverse harem was before I started watching this…I figured it out quick.  The main character is a clueless, doormat of a girl who has lived a sheltered life and goes to stay in a mansion so she can be food for a gaggle of hot, hungry vampires.  If this sounds like porn, it kind of is, just with no sex.  The heroine drove me insane because she practically had a tattoo on her forehead that said “Dominate Me”, had zero spine, and couldn’t admit to herself that she liked being bitten.  It made me sick.  I have never and would never recommend this one to anyone but a vampire enthusiast.  Why did I watch it all if I hated it so much you ask?  Easy. The guys were smoking hot and really dirty.  I just saw the first episode of Diabolik Lovers II.  I should feel guilty for being excited about that…I should apologize, but it would be a lie.

 3.  Vampire Hunter D – This wasn’t a series, it was a movie and it was recommended to me by Draculetta from the DDO Players News.  I had no idea he was going to make me watch it, but I’m really glad he did because D was a dark enough character to hold my interest and the female vampire hunter from the second movie was really nice to watch.  She has “Starbuck’s” tortured attitude, ala BSG and was pretty tough besides.


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