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Updated 1-4-18

Disclaimer:  I am in NO WAY an expert on this subject. In fact, I am CASUAL AF. You won’t find any deeper meanings here. All I know is what I like and I talk about it here, on the website that I pay for. I am not into a lot of action, adventure, fighting anime. LIES! I have watched a few thrillers/ darker shows.  I know they are popular but for the most part, I search out shows that have great character development. I love it when a show leaves a big hole in my heart. There are people out there who do a great job of reviewing these things. I’m not that person. I literally only talk about what caught and held my attention enough to complete a series. (Even if I didn’t like it.) So thanks for looking at my page!



Where do you watch your anime?  

  • Anywhere I can get it!  Most of the time it’s Netflix, Youtube, and a website called Crunchyroll.  This one is by far my favorite.  You can watch for free with commercials but the subscription is cheap and the interface was super easy to use.  Moreover, the iPad app was user-friendly and works great! I also subscribed to FUNimation. The dubs are right up my alley because I’m lazy. I rarely watch Anime on my iPad here though. Why? Because the interface for that app is COMPLETE SHIT. Sorry, not sorry. It’s big and confusing where I just want to watch the shows I paid for. To me, it seems more like an online store. I get it. You want to make money. I gave you some, now give me my shows.   

How do you choose your shows?  

  • I get recommendations from friends most of the time. This has become an issue lately. My friends and I no longer agree on what’s good. I like what I like, romance, joy, comedy, or getting my soul ripped out slowly over time (looking at you, Tokyo Ghoul). My streaming sites make great recommendations for me, especially Crunchyroll!  They haven’t steered me wrong yet!  

What kinds of anime do you like?  

  • I am a sucker for Sports Anime, Slice of Life stuff, Romance (including Yaoi and Bishounen —because guy love is so fucking real—), and some fantasy. I can tolerate Science Fiction as long as I can follow it. So far most of the Shonen stuff just doesn’t interest me as much. (i.e. Naruto or Full Metal Alchemist) I like the funnier shows that take the time to really show me who the characters are as well as the shows who are not afraid to turn the volume way up on everyone. Shows that make fun of themselves are also a plus! I do lean towards the ones with a strong, romantic element, but several of the shows I watched over the summer had zero romance in them. 

What’s the deal with this list?  

  • Several people approached me as being “anime curious” and since they were (mostly) ladies who had never watched stuff like this before, I figured I’d lay everything out here and let the chips fall where they may. I did not include any anime on this list that I didn’t finish. If it’s here, it means I watched every episode that was available. Even the stuff I didn’t care for. You never know who might like something you didn’t!  


So here is a list of the shows I watched and what I thought!  Thanks for reading this in any case and I hope you find it sort-of helpful in picking your next anime!  Just click on the genre and it will take you to the page or access from DDO Cocktail Hour Homepage!

  • Note: Anything in with ***’s and in bold is something I REALLY liked and is something I would watch all over again. If you are looking for Netflix stuff, look for the word “Netflix” in the first sentence.
  1. Sports Anime <—–New Stuff
  2. Romance <—–New Stuff! 
  3. Vampires
  4. Other Stuff (because I didn’t know how else to categorize most of it!)


Just for reference, here is the complete list of everything I’ve talked about on my blog in ABCbc order. Anything with a *** is a personal favorite. For the record, my all-time three favorite Anime are Junjou Romantica, Gangsta, and Yowamushi Pedal. They have a permanent place in my heart.

Completed series:

  1. Assassination Classroom
  2. Ben-To
  3. Berserk, The Golden Age, Arc 1
  4. Blue Spring Ride
  5. Brothers Conflict
  6. Chihayafuru
  7. Convenience Store Boyfriends
  8. Death Parade
  9. Diabolical Lovers (2 seasons)
  10. Drammatical Murder (DMMD)
  11. Durarara (2 seasons)
  12. Ergo Proxy
  13. Expelled from Paradise
  14. Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma
  15. Free! Owatobi Swim Club
  16. From Me To You
  17. Gangsta***
  18. Golden Time
  19. Haikyu!
  20. Junjou Romantica (3 seasons)***
  21. Kiss Him Not Me
  22. Kuroko no Basket (3 seasons)
  23. Love Stage
  24. Maid Sama
  25. Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun***
  26. My Little Monster
  27. My Love Story
  28. My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu (2 seasons)
  29. Nana
  30. Ouran High School Host Club
  31. Princess Jellyfish
  32. Project K
  33. Psycho-Pass***
  34. Recovery of an MMO Junkie
  35. Red Data Girl
  36. Say I Love You
  37. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi (World’s Greatest First Love)
  38. Sword Art Online
  39. Tokyo Ghoul***
  40. Vampire Knight
  41. Welcome to the N-H-K
  42. Yamada’s First Time: B Gata H Kei
  43. Yowamushi Pedal (cycling, 2 seasons)***
  44. Your Name
  45. Yuri on Ice ***


Stuff I am watching and will add to the list once I’m done:  

  • Ancient Mags Bride (I might never finish it…)

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