Bonus Pod! Happy Hour

With Special guest Mythery!  

Hi!  This week Lessah is getting a new computer!  So I can’t record anything new until I get all my programs back.  In place of the DDO Cocktail Hour this time, I had so many “noob moments” and random observations that we are doing a very special ladies only podcast this go around!  We talk about Eveningstar and digesting content in a much more casual way as well as a fun comparison of the two realms.  We also go over a list of ideas that could potentially make the DDO Store more money!  Let me know if you like the cast and in the future I’ll try to do more “Happy Hour” casts.  Thanks so much for listening!  


Here is the 

Intro:  Bad Girls

Get to know me!  

A little about Mythery!  

Shake your moneymaker ($ ideas for the DDO store)  

  • companion wishlist!    (Orges, trolls, and bunnys, Oh my!)  

  • remote item deconstruction (longer)

  • Seasonal hair/ skin dye.  

  • I can put colored glitter on my companion, why can’t I wrap him in Christmas lights come December?  Why are skull and pumpkin heads the only thing we get to do once a year?  If I can buy a rabbit hat or a top hat from the DDO store, why can’t I buy a Festivus themed hat?  

  • Cosmetic armor. Let me make it my own.  Color/ style etc.  I play male characters and I have the right to dress like a ho just like my female counterparts.  

  • Armor Dye.  

  • Glitter bomb.  (Why can I have a polar bear with blue glitter and I can’t throw glitter in my friend’s face and douse them in glitter for an hour?)  

  • Glitter removal cream.  

  • Ship Dye?  Pimp my ride!  Disco ball over the top?  I think not!  I mean half the swanky ships have a spa why not decorate it?  Pimp it out with bubbles or a red light, champagne.  

  • I want a flag for my ship!  Pirate flag or House flag Should cost money and be temporary or should it cost astral shards?  

These are all little things that can cost more points and more money.  More money = DDO being successful and lasting longer.  

The “cool” way to quest.  

  • Doesn’t have to be the ultimate high level as long as it’s fun and meaningful.  

  • “The Sweet Spot” = the most fun.

  • Meandering is ok!  Reading the quest goals, also ok!  

Casual Observations:  

  • Eberron Scorrow vs Forgotten Realms Driders.   (omg he’s so hot, I wish he wasn’t half spider!  This is ruining our relationship!)   

  • Eberron Drow vs FR drow woman vs men.  Party girls vs Dominatrix.  

  • Eberron vs FR for civil engineering.  Is anyone else worried about us polluting the place with Dragon Shards?  

  • Is there a relationship to the amount of technology in a society and slavery?  (Underdark slave quests.)  My fav!  Talking to the freed slaves.  Or talking to the guards when you are in disguise.  (Really?  You want to be my master wearing those pants?)  

    • Let’s get real and talk about slaves

    • At least Eberron knows what time it is when it comes to this sort of thing.  i.e. drow revolted.  

    • Important question!  would you want a Drow Master who doesn’t even own shoes?  He owns you but not shoes??  LOL WUT?  No shirt, no shoes, no slave!  

Email Me and tell me if this cast is worth doing again!

  1. Jerry says:

    Someone’s going to be happy when Update 22 is released. 🙂

    Thanks for the show! Somehow missed this episode until today.


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