DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 65 Show Me The Money!

Welcome to the 65th episode of DDO Cocktail Hour where we discuss the social aspects of Dungeons and Dragons Online!  Today we are talking about supply, demand, and economy in DDO from a few very different perspectives and we welcome special guest Kudesnik to the show.  Noobs, Power Gamers, and Casual Players, Oh My!  We asked the community to share their Auction House shame with us too!  Lessah’s poo phones in, and I really wish that was a lie!  Thanks so much for listening!

HERE is the link for the episode!  Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!




WARNING!  This show is not bleeped!  It’s just not, ok!   


Intro:   Bouncing

What are you drinking?

Iron Man and Samdok!  

Lessah is a Noob!

  • Double Trouble Hireling watch!

  •  Favorite All Time Hireling Thus Far, Samuel Merik Level 9 Cleric and Tonya Brightstone, Level 12 Favored Soul.  Hire these guys, they are amazeballs!

  • Things that make you go hmmmmm  Baudry Cartamon.  Why is your warehouse filthy?  What are you shipping?  Did you know you have kobold poo everywhere and dead bodies on the floor?  I am going to call the Board of Health!  Don’t the Coinlords have rules and regulations in place to keep the public safe or is this like the water supply scandal all over again? I think he is shipping empty boxes.  People buy those?  



Tweets!  Where you tell us your price gouging secrets, your secret shame and your personal limits.  

Group Discussion, Money in Stormreach and you!

    1. Where is all your money going?

    2. How do you make money when you are an OCD crafter and break everything down?  

  1. Heavy Fort Sapphire story

  2. The daily Routine, we all have one, what is yours?  



  • How do you make money fast? I don’t want to be rich, I want to be ridiculous-ly wealthy.  Let’s make that happen!  

  • How stupid do you think I am Stormreach?  It’s like everyone is trying to sell their loot to the five guys in the game who have all the money.  What about me?  What about the little guy!




  • Bloodstone.  It’s also a gem.  Stop selling it like it’s a real thing and please for the love of God, people stop buying it and getting taken for a ride!  

  • People are selling collectibles at prices no one would ever pay. “What what what… are you doing?”  

  • Ingredients.  You people are greedy!  5,000 plat for 10 greater earth essences? Really? Really?? That’s 500 plat each, why don’t you just stick a gun in my face?  

  1. What about long term Investments and 401K?


  • Is farming loot to sell on the AH that rewarding?  Do you do it as a happy accident or deliberately?  


    • Collectibles of Note.  Watch out for these guys!  

  • All Soarwoods!  (resist fire 30 pots)

  • Powdered blood  (Crafting and Heroism x15 minutes pots)

  • Research Diaries (crafting item, you need em when you need em! Also Haste Level 5 pots!)  

  • Fragrant Drowshoods 40K plat on Thelanis

  • Vials of Pure money  (Not as cool as they once were!)

  • Silver Flame Hymnals (hit or miss, I see one on Thelanis for 800 plat…) and Tomes of the Prophecies of Khyber, still a good bet!  

  • Unbound shards and shards of potential are money makers for crafters (like me!)  Just remember fair market value when shopping for ingredients I won’t pay over 50-75 plat each.  If you are paying more than that, you are getting robbed and if you are charging more than that.  DON’T.  What, what what, are you doing?  Look at your life, look at your choices!  


  1. Shard House




DDO Blogs, where Samius talks about one!



CTH Voicemail From Lessah’s poo.  (Really?  Really??  This is a thing now?!  This show has officially jumped the toilet!)

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