DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 64, Spells IRL

Welcome to the 64th episode of DDO Cocktail Hour
where we discuss the social aspects of Dungeons and Dragons Online and
sometimes more inappropriate things too! 
This week the crew ask “what spell in DDO would you use in real
life?”  Lessah had a double trouble
hireling watch feature and she shares a tale of Permadeath woe and talks about
her mentor’s guide to building a flawless PD Ranger!  The team also talks about the My DDO fallout
and Samius Gurobo’s poo phones in.  (I
can’t make this stuff up, it really happened!) 
Thanks so much for listening! 

week’s we have a Public Service Announcement and a new sponsor. 

PSA is brought to you by the Coin Lords. 
Attention Citizens of Stormreach. 
 Do not drink the beverage known
as Troglodyte Water!   

New Sponsor!  This
one won’t make you sick.  In fact, this
product makes everything fresher, it’s Dungeon Febreeze!  It eliminates odors and the faint tang of
decay.  Just spray a little at the
beginning of every dungeon you explore, you won’t notice that you have yet to
cleanse that Dungeon Taint.  Remember,
just because the quests stinks, doesn’t mean the dungeon needs to…Dungeon
Febreeze.  Pick up some at your local
vendor today!    



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This show is not bleeped!  It’s
just not ok!   


Intro:   Blast

What are you drinking

Tweets, where
you tell us what spell you would use from DDO in real life! 

getting old players to return.  How do we
do that?  You’ve lost that loving

Lessah is a Noob!

·       Double
Trouble Hireling watch!  Level 8 Cleric
“Fergus” and Level 11 FS “Roshan”. 
is a hireling, but he is only available in the Sublime because he is a
“biter”. Also it’s almost impossible to keep a halfing clean, the
Coin Lord’s deemed him too dirty for the regular vendor.  

tale woe or… This one time in the shower…I accidentally killed my guild leader.

fly into the Chronoscope on elite!  I
went to the Circus! 

Mom!  I’m a Ranger!  Tupe’s rules for making a flawless Permadeath

There are two kinds of
characters in this game, Rangers and Targets.

Rangers are also arrogant little premadona

Remember you are the ranger, the clerics
just think they run the party.

Never Buff a Halfling

Never Let your Halfling wiggle off its

Always choose the pretty bows to match your

Con is a dump stat.



Samius has a
new Blog!  Goodbye MyDDO, Hello Word


CTH Voicemail
From Samius’ poo.  (What is my

Alert!  In 2 weeks Kudesnik and
Jupiterspinning will join us for a special report on the Auction House and
financial climate of Stormreach. 

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