DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 63

Welcome to a brand new episode of the DDO Cocktail Hour
where we discuss the social aspects of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  This week Lessah adds “Hireling Watch” to the
show and also complains about how it sucks to be plat-challenged in DDO.  Samius talks for twenty minutes about his man
crush on Robert Downey Jr. and the crew shares their gaming pet peeves.  We also spend way too much time talking about
Furbies.  Thanks so much for listening! 

This week’s show is brought to you by “Trog Water” the
only water designed specifically for Troglodytes and deemed safe by the Coin
Lords for human consumption.  It’s
fortified with God-Knows what, pick up a bottle today at your local



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This show is not bleeped!  Mostly
because I’m lazy. 


What are you

Samius wanks
off to Ironman.  And he also talks about movies.  FYI: Pacific Rim is not a porno! 

Stuff We Watch: 
Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Shameless, The Carrie Diaries, Ru
Paul’s Drag Race, Glee, The Mentalist, The Comic Book Men 

Send us a
Tweet, tell us what you’re watching! 

Tweets, where
you tell us your gaming Pet Peeve.  Here
are some greatest hits: 

Don’t be in a
group if you want to solo, Don’t echo your mic, Know your limitations, Don’t
zerg off and then cry when you’re dead. 
Don’t be needy!  No one likes

Lessah is a Noob!

  • Crafting
    (Look Mom!  I made a stinky longbow!)
  • Poor
    marketing skillz for ingredients rant!  1000
    lesser Earth Essences for 41,000 Plat? 
    Really?  Being poor sucks!  (Where Lessah and Samius rant about high AH
  • Hireling
    watch!  This week’s Hireling is a Level 3
    Favored Soul named “Porn Stash”
  • Things
    make me go hmmm…..  The Catacombs.  “The Faint tang of Decay” Could be coming
    from this dead body I’m standing next to. 
    His rotted guts are all over the floor. 
    Does anyone have Dungeon Febreeze? 


Crap Ron of Ron’s character planner Post MotU AC Update! 

Tin foil hats  By Ape Man


Irondeacon, Mizzaroo

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  1. Kalari says:

    A bard who cannot attempt to heal is a waste of a darn party slot, my bard heals drunks all the darn time!

    I love the Walking Dead! Cannot wait for Sunday!

    Ru Pauls Drag race should totally have drag queens in fast cars lol.

    Love the new show guys and the Trog water commercial rocks! Epic cast 🙂 love being able to listen to this while working 🙂

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