DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 79, Permadeath 2, The Resurrection!

Welcome to a very special episode of the DDO Cocktail Hour where me and a few of my guildies discuss what Permadeath is all about, how it has evolved as the game has evolved, and where it’s headed as the game goes on!  Listen to find out why halflings should never be allowed around explosives!  Thanks so much for listening!


Here is the link for the episode!  Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!

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Disclaimer:  Permadeath is a style of gameplay that uses self-imposed rules in order to make the game more challenging and offers a closer approximation to pen and paper D&D by disallowing the use of resurrection shrines or store-purchased rez cakes.  If you die in a Permadeath party and no one in the party has the power to raise you, you are dead.  All your money now belongs to the guild bank.  Choose one item to “will” to your next character, delete (or leave the guild), and reroll.

**We don’t go into many of the rules we covered in our first Permadeath show that can be found here!


Where is Samius?  Wut?

Getting to know you!  

Favorite Death of all time?  Yours or someone else’s?  

(this is one of the reasons why we play, not just for the elation of quest completion by the skin of our teeth, but for the waves of crushing defeat and the “laughter” that comes with a good death.)

  • “Hey Guys, Watch This!”  Ding!  You’re Party member had died!
  • “Thacko” The afk, wife aggro death. The Real Mystery of Delera’s Tomb

Let’s talk Rules, because for every rule you make, there is always someone who will try to work around them.  DISCLAIMER!  The rules and game play situations discussed here are strictly for the Sublime Permadeath Guild on Thelanis.  Other Permadeath may have slightly different rules.  I’ll talk about a few of them, but not all.  

  • Death.  What counts.
    • Lag
    • City Deaths, as in falling into Lava in the Twelve
    • A party wipe, our last party wipe was in Thunderholm.
    • Let to talk about the proper way to raise a party member.  And the IMPROPER way to raise a party member.
    • Some PD Guilds have a constitution rule, as in, you can only be raised as many times as you BASE constitution will allow, and that’s over the life of the character.  Say for example, your base con is 12.  Your character can only be raised 12 times over his/ her adventuring career, and after that, you must delete that character.
  • Most dangerous levels for a Permadeather?
  • Most Dangerous Bosses/ Situations for a Permadeather?
  • Hirelings?
  • Ship Buffs
    • What is a Ship Buff?
    • PD Halls of Valhalla, Level 7 “Untouchable status”
  • Commodity Items.  Potions, Wands, Scrolls.  Why not outlaw those?
  • Auction House?
    • Does the use of the Auction House ruin the experience?
  • Shard Exchange?  Trade Channel?
  • True reincarnation and Epic reincarnation
  • Trade restrictions
  • Crafting

Questing Rules of Thumb:  

    • Difficulty
    • Traps?  (Everyone has a job, let them do it)
    • Aggro Management
    • Meta gaming, No spoilers etc
    • Grouping level range… Sometimes you have to solo
    • Communication.  Take care of yourself.

Always take two halflings because the first one might wiggle off the hook and you’ll need a spare.  

Personal Guidelines

  • Lessah
    • From My mentor Tupe…
      • Don’t spend real money. It might be over tomorrow and your money with it.
      • If you have an enhancement, spend it, if you have a level, take it.
      • If you have money, spend it.  Better to be broke and alive than rich and dead.
      • Fortune favors the bold.  If you aren’t on the verge of wetting yourself at least once per gaming session, you are doing it wrong.
  • Chai
    • Many of the “flavor of the month” style builds do not always work in PD.
    • Some builds that would be “suboptimal” to most, actually work better in PD.
    • Abilities with longer cooldowns are more tolerable in PD than regular play
    • We put alot of abilities you see labeled “useless” on the forums, to good use.
    • The Dandy Tank
  • Tupe

What do we think of?  

  • Level 30?
  • Champions?  Wassup with that?  True Seeing?  Bypass Fortification?

Other Permadeath Guilds on Other Servers (that we know of!)

  1. Sublime
  2. PD Halls of Valhalla on Ghallanda
  3. Mortal Voyage Permadeath Guild on Argonnessen
  4. DDO Forums!  There are plenty of guilds, look at all of them!

Reach us me at:

  • Twitter!
  • @Lessah
  • Email!
  • Lessah@ddococktailhour.com


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