DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 13: MockTail Hour!

Warning: If you are looking for Lessah and Samius, then just move along. This show is hosted by podcasting noobs Torrance and Clankenbeard!
Very little educational content is contained within this show! If you are looking for hard-hitting news, please refer our parent show:The DDO Cast . Otherwise sit back, relax, grab your favorite cocktail whatever that might be, and enjoy as we explore the lighter side of Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eberron Unlimited!

This week is “significant others” week as Torrance and Clankenbeard host the show! They take turns bashing their spouses and talk quite a bit about how hard podcasting really is.  Also, there’s some DDo clericing talk and some Twitter questions about how many people know you’re a gamer.  Thanks so much for listening!



Show Notes!  (That’s right–Clanky meanders a lot, but he takes good notes!)
00:00 Introductions Clankenbeard and Torrance to MockTail Hour
00:59 What Are You Drinking?
02:24 What Are You Up To?
03:18 Some Vague Forum Reference
04:15 Torrance Bashes Samius #1
05:26 Clanky Bashes Lessah #1
07:10 Samius’s Love for IM2
08:06 Butterscotch Update
08:23 Clanky Bashes Skype #1–Samius Input
08:48 Confirmation of ”Big Dealedness”
09:03 Torrance Bashes Samius #2
09:43 No Pants Day
10:25 Steiner-Davion Shout Out for LOTRO Box Set!
12:06 Samius’s Name is a Lie!
12:57 Vorpal (Dust) Bunny Slippers Make No Sense
13:52 Ughh, the Missing Guest (coming soon)
15:26 Post Edit Commentary
16:04 Samius Barges In ”Focus!”
17:43 Cocktail Hour Clerical Stuff!
24:19 Clanky Bashes Skype #2
24:46 Twitter Followers Showdown! (Clanky 50, Samius 101, Lessah 117)
26:15 Steiner-Davion Shout out #2 for DDo Poster!
26:48 Clanky Bashes Lessah’s Computer
28:07 Twitter Question ”How many people know about your gaming addiction?”
29:14 Twitter Question Reboot
32:01 Email!
34:47 Samius Fetches a Drink
34:58 Nklos-Last Week’s Greensteel Winner!
35:10 New Contest for +1 INT (not WIS) Tome
36:36 Forums–NOT!
37:18 Next Week’s Guest?
37:36 Outro and Toast
38:32 Parting Shot

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Steiner Davion’s poster gift to Lessah & Clanky!  Lookit all thems Devs!  (Find the Bonus bit.)
  1. reorex says:

    Great show O clerical one. Glad to see a dwarf running things. Clanky for Mayor!!!

  2. reorex says:

    Ok here is what happened. i pulled 6 (count em) 6 tomes last week. all plus 1’s. A complete set and one extra Int tome. now i was going to send Clank the wis Tome but figured that set looked to good to break up. When next he host the show i will have a Wis tome for him to give away!.
    A most awesome show!

    DDOCocktail Hours # 3 fan
    and Clanky’s #1 fan

  3. JakLee says:

    good show, though I was very surprised by my email being read, LOL, it was not the normal pandering for attention on the show. I have to say Torrance did a fantastic job for her first podcast, and that Crankybeard guy was not bad either

  4. Clankenbeard says:

    Torrance was super good. We did the whole show in Pug Latin and then Clanky had to edit it all back into English. Now who’s impressed?

    Somehow I managed to brick the “number of plays” on the website. That takes talent as well. Now I can use “I’ll do another podcast if you don’t shut up!” as a threat.

  5. JakLee says:

    I am not familiar with any forms of mongrel other than pomeranian. However, if this is something other than idle boasting, then bravo! As for the # of plays, I may have had something to do with that as I did keep trying to play it at work yesterday even though it is blocked (I never could quite get around that)

  6. Kosimo says:

    Got the new bonus stuff as I wait for the new Sig show to download.

    What! You mean you had help? You make it sound like it was a single take 😛 Thanks for the peek behind the curtain.

    (that’s the 2nd person plural you, aka “y’all”)


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