DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 12: Clanky In Da House!

Warning: No… I really mean it this time. This show is pretty silly!
Very little educational content is contained within this show! If you are looking for hard-hitting news, please refer our parent show:The DDO Cast . Otherwise sit back, relax, grab your favorite cocktail whatever that might be, and enjoy as we explore the lighter side of Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eberron Unlimited!

This week, Lessah and Samius welcome Clankenbeard to the show! The team talks about RPG quips in real life, swapping your gender in game, DDO Internet lingo, and half-orc females… Rawr? Some info goes out about the Mother of All Treasure Hunts Part Deaux and MORAH makes a surprise appearance! Thanks so much for listening!


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Samius is my #1 MyDDO Friend
Lessah European Vacation! (Celebs: AggDDO & Brannigan Foehammer)
Twitter: Clanky’s RPG Quips
Twitter: Lessah’s Gender swapping in game!
Forums: Samius, To Bluff or Not To Bluff , That is the question!
Forums: Lessah, Internet lingo and you .
MATH-part 2 Teaser
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  1. Clankenbeard says:

    This show was clearly the most awesome podcast in the history or prehistory of the interwebz! Well done everyone.

    I want to point out to everybody that Clanky said some uber intellectual things in there somewhere but they probably wound up on the cutting room floor. My brilliance was short sheeted! (Well, that’s the way I remember it anyways.)

  2. Yak says:

    I am downloading it right now! I was just listening to the bloopers, LMAO! I like it better then the song it’s self as it made me laugh so fucking hard!!!

  3. Ulfgaar says:

    OMG the Clanky song is so freaking awesome!!!!!!

  4. Entimix says:

    “Entimix must be a closet roleplayer…” Or not-so-closet – I just haven’t got round to rping much in DDO yet 😉
    I do quite a lot of RP in the offline world, including quite a lot of LARP. Fun stuff.

  5. Envinyatar says:

    So, I think you guys short-changed Clanky (which, by the way, is extremely hard to do to a dwarf), by not letting him finish his explanation of those unused skills.

    From what I remember, Clanky was right about Bluffing the party with blur and haste and grease.

    Then there is intimitate, in which you act like a monster of the same race as your opponent, and then they want to get really close and intimate with you.

    And last, there is Di-plomb-acy, in which, if you break the word down, is self-explanitory…
    “Di” which means “two”
    “Plomb” – http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/plomb: any inert material inserted into a body cavity for therapeutic purposes.

    and “acy” – a condition.

    So basically Diplombacy is a condition where you have just had something shoved up you a**….twice.

    Now go forth and use these techniques as often as you can!

  6. Clankenbeard says:

    Envinyatar, thank you for chiming in on these–your explanations are clear and, of suprisingly, completely accurate. I didn’t cover them because I just assumed everyone was already well familiar with them. Thank you for your thoroughness. You have earned your bat wings and an official Clankyteer. TAKE THAT CUPCAKE!

  7. Jerry says:

    Buttery nipples, huh? Sounds….um…I guess I should just say that I’ve not heard of this one…

    I want a pic of Samius’ license plate!

    How did you convince Morah to perma-stalk Jeets?

    Bluff and Diplomacy essentially work the same, but Bluff is used on one highlighted mob at a time while Diplomacy is an AOE effect. Also, Bluff can be used when you are by yourself, whereas you need a group for Diplomacy to work.

    OMG, M8, that song was amazing.

    I think that’s the best slogan yet for the DDO Cocktail Hour, “With you where you don’t have pants on!”

    Heck, do it like a radio DJ – little bottle of kaluha, travel mug of coffee…

    Too bad Clankenbeard’s email can’t be Clanky@Clankenbeard.Clank

    Best. Show. Ever.

  8. reorex says:

    CLANKY RULES! that was the funniest show yet. You guys had me cracking up so much. WTF= waiting to flush.. i about lost it…
    Cant wait till next week to hear “The Clanky show”. On this momentous occasion I shall be donating a +1 wis tome for Clanky to give away to one lucky Thelanian.
    Sorry about the guild house flavor comment it was meant to be favor but worked out funnier as flavor.

    Clanks song will be the new #1 hit all over stormreach!

    Oh and dont forget to gather for BLUFFS!!!!

  9. Jerry says:

    Oh, and I think your Twitter hash tag should be #DDOCocH, say it out loud with me folks…:)

  10. Lessah says:

    The buttery Nipple is a tasty treat! 

    Half Baily’s Half Butterscotch Snapps

  11. JakLee says:

    OK, so downloading now, can’t wait to listen, you guys are always great. Listening to the outtakes and song was great too – can’t wait for the show!

  12. Anne says:

    That was awesome and the best show yet! nearly cried myself to bits laughing.

  13. thadwilliams says:

    Really amazing show. Lessah and Samius are like cheesecake, smooth and fun on top with interesting bits underneath. Clanky was the perfect drizzle of “What the hell kind of fruit is that?” stuff on top. Thanks for the laughs!

  14. Entimix says:

    Re. song bloopers – “There’s a dwarven lad I… f***!” Yes, we could have guessed that. The fact you have kids does give it away… 😛

    (p.s. love the song!)

  15. Lessah says:

    What a great analogy!!!  This should be read on the show… too bad I am not doing the show next week.  I’ll add it to the show notes.. Clanky will never remember! 

  16. Agg says:

    The show was brilliant and funny throughout particularly the “innuenDDO’s”. Clanky, Lessah and Samius you are all stars 😀 You can tell you have a lot of fun making this episode!

  17. reorex says:

    just listened to the song bloopers.. way to go lessah.. slipping in a rocky horror song in. that rocks!!!!!!

    great job as usual!

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