DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 6, Pants are for Losers! With Special Guest Tolero!

WARNING: Little, very little educational content is contained within this podcast! If you are looking for hard-hitting news, please see the DDO Cast Homepage

This week DDO Cocktail Hour welcomes a special guest, DDO Developer Tolero! Sit back, relax, and listen as our hosts engage Tolero in all kinds of mayhem!  Thanks so much for listening!

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What are you drinking?
Twitter Q&A:
What is your favorite quest?
Is there a dress code at Turbine or do you even wear pants?
What kind of office pranks do you play on each other?
And many more…
Forums:  Varrs Lottery! (Ends: Sunday 3/28)
Did Tarrant like his shield?
March Madness DDoCocktailhour Style
Invent a Magic Item:Mask of Merlask
Samius’s one serious question!
Outro/ Toast

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  1. Clankenbeard says:

    Hey ya noobs! What the heck happened to the timestamps on the show notes? How am I supposed to know when what is happening in the show!??! FIX IT! I can’t do everything from the wings!

  2. Lessah says:

    Hey!  Put the gun down Cranky!  Samius did the show notes.. that is actually a story all in itself… but I digress.  I like time stamps.. Samius HATES Time Stamps!  So when you do not see them… it is because he has done the show notes! 

  3. Jerry says:

    I cannot be left out of the loop – someone HAS to tell me what the secret power of the bunny hat is!

    Nice show as always.

  4. Restoration says:

    I still want a full Bunny Suit. I would totally wear it on my clerics.

  5. Lessah says:

    So far it looks like the hat makes you look like you killed a bunny… evil or good… beyond that, I am not sure what it does. 

  6. Clankenbeard says:

    Here’s the rabbit hole for your research: http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=237919
    The thread has pictures of the humorous Furry and Dire bunny benefits. Clanky finds these most amusing.

  7. DRFIREWATER says:

    the magic power of the bunny hats

    good bunny hat

    while weilding a wand you get a +3 comp bonus to UMD

    bad bunny hat

    while weilding a greatclub you get +4 vs animals
    if greater animal bane then you get +5 comp bonus to intimidate

    bad bunny hat is worthless and good bunny hat isnt worth 250 points but nice

    I love that tolero was on the show .. her dedication to the community and the podcasts make her the voice of DDO for alot of us hardcore DDO fans … she should get the win by default as she is the voice of DDO dev team regardless of how much others might add to the table.

    as a drink mixer (worked as host and waiter in a VIP room for a high end toronto club for 2 years) i would love to add something to that kobold drink

    when ever something is called dirty … it always means there is olive juice in it.

    dirty martini just means more olive juice was added.

    so dirty kobold should have olive juice so when someone says they want it extra dirty it just means more olive juice.

  8. Samius says:

    While I am still saving up points to by
    a hat myself waiting for monthly points/ running a new girl when board.

    I can read the screen shots
    and I think you might be undervaluing Bunny Slayer just a little.

    Bunny Slayer (when on)
    “your melee
    attacks deal extra damage to animals as if you had a Greater Animal
    “you gain a +5 competence bonus to Intimidate”

    So that is + 3d6 to animals, not that
    there are tons of animals to drop. But it makes those Shining Devastations and Mad Lutes
    a hair better. Well you can a least use the Shining Devastation for
    something other than oozes. And when intimidating unless you need
    the DR from blocking the extra +5 might be huge. As normal skill
    boosting items should be enchantment bonus and the Bunny Slayer is a
    competence bonus. So it might be real good for two handed

    Just saying because we don’t see it doesn’t mean bad/worthless.

  9. DRFIREWATER says:

    yeah your right sami

    i quoted it wrong

    as long as you are weilding a greatclub the most under used weapon in the game … it turns it into a greater animal bane .. the least used bane weapon in the game as it effects the lowest amount of mobs (wolves and lions only) … and gives you a +5 itimidate bonus that is on a two handed weapon which was the biggest hate comment about upgrading terror ….

    yeah evil bunny hat sucks compared to a +3 umd good bunny hat while weilding a wand (which most will need the umd for anyway)

    and they are both over priced but at least the good bunny hat is more usefull then having nothing …

  10. Samius says:

    I do believe the reason people didn’t
    like the upgraded Terror was the fearsome + intimidate. Who wants to
    bring a guy in for the kill when they hit you and take off?

    And for the few that want the super
    extra +5 they will go for it. It is not for the norms.

    I am not saying one is better then the other, but i will be buying a Good bunny hat for looks only. If i dont like how it looks with my docent then i will switch and by a Evil hat and i will carry  a Great Club.

    It would suck to buy any good great clubs now and later find that the next mod is full of dire animals and whatnots.

    Time to start a rumor.

  11. Kosimo says:

    You might say, “…makes those Shining Devistations and Mad Lutes a HARE better”!

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