Cocktail Hour with Lessah and Samius, Episode 2

Cocktail Hour with Lessah and Samius, Episode 2:  Too Much To Drink!!! 

It’s a new day, and we have a new show! 
It’s that time again! It’s Cocktail Hour!!! So grab your favorite cocktail, sit back, relax, and talk a little Dungeons and Dragons Online with Lessah, Samius, and special guest Phlor Ironwood.

Show Notes:
00:05 Intro & Special Guest Phlor Ironwood
00:44 What are you drinking?
01:48 What are you wearing?
03:22 Emails (Warning: Samius is a Fat Halfling and NOT a Dwarf!)
04:47 All Samius all the time!
05:22 Hockey! USA USA USA!!!!!
06:25 Salute to the fallen. R.I.P. Permadeath Lessah of Sarlona
09:22 Twitter
09:55 What piece of raid loot do you want most?
11:17 DDO Cocktail Hour has three fans and are fan site members!
12:46 Casual Gaming
15:28 A Surprise for Samius!!!! (Meow…)
17:14 (Digg it!)
17:41 Egg Hunt Video, route by Samius Fat Halfling, & Egg Hunt Talk
19:15 Wooden Hearts and Lesser Reincarnation
25:12 More Emails!
29:22 Forum’s Talk: Create a Named Item!
30:44 Cocktail Hour Makes a Named Item: “The Tarrant Shield”
35:22 More Emails!!
38:40 Cocktail Hour Safety Message, Don’t Drink and Feather Fall!
39:26 Rowanheal Tweet!
41:06 Abject SiIliness!!!
42:43 Twitter Addresses and New Emails!!!!
43:22 It was Criterion!!!!
44:46 The Long Goodbye and Outro!
Cheers Everyone!!!!!

Links as promised:

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“The Tarrant Shield”  (Shaped like a martini glass!)
+5 Scratchproof glass, light shield
True Seeing (DM Vision!)
Spell Resistance 32
Grants the bearer shield proficiency
Spell Failure is lessened by 5%
Blindness – The bearer of this shield must make a save vs blindness periodically
Intelligence -3

The Boss you must fight:
“Tarrant” (CR range and race unknown)
If you lose the battle, your hard drive crashes and you must re-install DDO

As Promised, here is the video we made of the “DDO Egg Route” that Samius worked out! 

Email the show hosts!  Tell us what you want to hear!!!

  1. Yakster says:

    Funny as hell! Keep up the good work guys! I glad to have another DDO cast to listen too! For the record I did take the bullet but I wasn’t the first person to email!!!!! It’s good to hear a funny cast since mine si more of an angry cast!!!

  2. Jerry says:

    You two rule! Nice to see/hear from Phlor as well. This is such a good podcast!

  3. Panjera says:

    Great work on the latest cast guys, yet another laugh a minute fun fest, as Yak said above it’s nice having another DDO related cast to listen to as lets face it you can never hear too much about the game.

  4. Jason says:

    Oh!!! I just listened, and OMG I WON!!!!

    oh wait.

  5. DRFIREWATER says:

    loved the show phlor rocks !!!!

    if only lessah could talk more and sami talk less but i dont think it works that way he would eventually just talk over her and i think she knows it too.

    love you guys keep up the good work.

  6. reorex says:

    Show rocked guys. you had me laughing the whole time. Wishing I could joiin you guys in the ddocast build guild but sundays are rough for me. Having run with lessah in the sublime before i Know how demanding she is lol.. rangers beware!

    Keep up the good work and as a member of the Dwarven High council I demand a voice be given to The MOST high cleric CLANKENBEARD. he must be heard from now and then!

    cant wait till the next show!

  7. Samius says:

    Well we had a little of the Clank on the show last week, for a bit. But he didn’t want his comments on air with out more game time.

    Me thinks he didn’t have a drink in hand. And that was the problem.

  8. DRFIREWATER says:



    congratz to the U.S. of A. for winning most metals

    all thanks to samius having faith in USA winning mens hockey … we have to know if samius has faith in a team its prolly gonna party wipe at the most crutial time 😛

  9. Reorex says:

    I think He is a good dwarven cleric, therefore he better have a good stout dwarven ale in his mug as he assists you in your endeavors! Knowing Clankenbeard he probably has a serving wench or two nearby as well> 😀

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